Thursday 1 September 2016

Upcoming Plans and Changes To The Blog.

Recently, I've been trying to work more on the blog and have plans to either update the design or get a whole new design, I'm still undecided on what exactly to do, but what I do know is that the blog is in dire need of a revamp! My reviews and competition pages haven't been updated in so long, it's rather embarrassing and I need to go through every single one of my old post to make sure everything is up to scratch!

I actually planned to spend a lot of time doing behind the scenes work on the blog during the summer holidays, as I didn't have to worry about school morning routines, but after the incident with my next door neighbour, every plan I had went to ruins! I now plan to sort things out slowly over the next couple of months taking it one step at a time.

I've also decided that to be able to spend more time working on the blog, as it is my job/career, I need to have a comfortable working area, as my current working space - the sofa isn't doing me any favours! You may recall a blog post I done in regards to having a bad leg, and although I can't be sure it's been caused by my working area, I'm pretty sure it hasn't helped the leg situation, and more recently I've been suffering with bad back pain which I know is due to sitting down on an uncomfortable sofa for long periods.

I was contemplating the idea of getting a desk for my bedroom, but I've decided against that idea, and instead I'm just going to work from my beautiful writing bureau that I purchased just before I moved into the house. I'm ashamed to say that the writing bureau hasn't been used for its purpose, but instead has been used as a dumping ground for anything from paper work to Spud's toys!

So after spending the four hours of today clearing the writing bureau and finding new homes for the items that was stored in and on it, it's ready to be used for its purpose - well at least my own purpose! I then spent a further two hours searching the web for office chairs as the unit is quite low, and standing/crouching down isn't an option I'd like to take, it'll just make matters worse for my leg and back! I've ordered a chair over quality and not style and it should be here next week, I'm hoping that by being in less pain (fingers crossed), I'll be able to work with a clearer head and get more things done!

Other plans that I have coming up for the blog include post around Unique Young Mum's fourth birthday, although this has actually been, I've not got around to writing any post just yet! Just like last year when I celebrated the blog's third birthday, I plan to host lots of competitions to give back to the lovely readers and visitors who keep myself and Unique Young Mum going!

As always I plan to work on Halloween and Christmas features but I'm also going to look into doing more post around money making, money saving and budgeting and what not. I've got a few personal goals I want to reach and I also aim to write about them too, so keep your eyes posted because I need as much support and even criticism to be able to reach one of my goals! 

I hope you're all doing well and as many of us are preparing for the back to school chaos, I hope the next week goes smoothly for us all! I for one am not looking forward to having Spud away from me again after having him with me basically 24/7 during the holidays bar two sleepovers he's attended with my dad and sister!

Jada x


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