Tuesday 19 April 2016

My Top Tips for First Time Renters.

Like a lot of people in their twenties, I found it very difficult to move out on my own, especially with a young child to care for. I lived with my parents for a long time with Spud before we finally got our own place in 2008, but it can be a tough world for people just starting out. That’s why I’ve put together these top tips for anyone just going into the scary world of renting for the first time. Hopefully, it will give you that helping hand you need…

Be brutal with your budgeting
If you want to move out, there will be some tough decisions and sacrifices to be made, so unless you’re absolutely sure you can afford it then you should probably re-think. I’ve always worked and paid my own way, so I know how hard it can be just to pay for living costs, but you’ll have rent to think about, council tax, utility bills and food. Do your research on the area you want, and make realistic estimations of how much the running costs of a place will be.

Cater to children and animals
Some people might intend to rent for a number of years, in which case it’s better to allow for the growth of your family like you would when buying a house. For example, rent somewhere with some outside space if you want a pet, or get a place near good schools if you expect to still be living there when they reach that age. That way, you won’t have to move again just as you settle in.

At the flat, Spud desperately wanted a puppy dog, but our landlord wasn't clear on the rules, in one document it said permission was to be sought, in another it said no domestic pets! Although it broke my heart breaking Spud's heart, I had no choice but to abide by the rules! Now we're at the house and our landlord is fine with pets, Jezeppi is now the third member of our little family!

Pick an agent who treats you like a person
The agent you choose can affect the whole renting experience, and they can be like a dream to deal with, or a nightmare. How well you get on with them and how professional they are is crucial, so make sure you pick a business that is both friendly and knowledgeable. For example, there are plenty of letting agents in York, but Linley & Simpson are perfect for those who want to be treated like an individual rather than just another tenant!

Always check what’s included
Even if you’re going to opt for a fully furnished flat, there are some things that won’t be included. For example, you might get a TV stand, but you often won’t get a TV, but all of these little things add up to one big cost when you move in. If you’ve found somewhere you like, make a list of questions to ask your letting agent. Make an appointment to go through everything in detail that you’ll need to provide, and then you’ll be able to go away with an idea of the cost attached to it.

I hope these top tips help you to work out whether it’s time for you to strike out on your own – do you have any more tips for first time renters?

Jada x


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