Thursday 7 April 2016

Broke BUT Blessed!

I'm broke but my child had a fantastic birthday, we went for a birthday meal with family and friends, we sang happy birthday with the Rainbow Drop birthday cake Spud picked himself from Asda. We went bowling on his actual birthday, played in the arcades and had lunch afterwards, this was after Spud waking up to a pile full of presents and money from me as I couldn't get everything he wanted - some items aren't even out yet, like Pokemon Sun and Moon!

I'm broke but my bills are paid, the gas, electric, TV license, the council bills including rent and tax, the water bill, the phone, internet and TV bill, the debts I owe and the mobile phone and all the rest.

I'm broke but I have food in my cupboards, fridge and freezer to feed me, Spud and the dog.

I'm broke, but we have a house above our heads filled with lots to do, from board games to reading books, arts and crafts to toys, laptops, tv's and phones, we can't be bored.

I'm broke, but yesterday we went to the cinema and had lunch afterwards.

I'm broke, but we've had play dates, walked around a lake, fed the ducks and had fun with my sister and nephews, Spud's auntie and cousins.

I'm broke but I'm happy.

I'm broke but I'm not broken.

I'm broke, but I'd rather be broke knowing I paid for everything, and the taxpayers didn't buy it for me.

I'm broke, but I'm blessed.

Blessed with a gorgeous child.

Blessed with a cute puppy dog.

Blessed with a wonderful fiance.

Blessed with a home.

Blessed with a job I love.

Blessed with family, blessed with friends, blessed with so much more!

Blessed with life!


There are so many judgemental people around. So many who're breaking the law, so many who just don't have a clue.

It got me thinking what so many people would do without their children's disability money, or how many people would actually be disabled if the parent's wasn't paid extra money?

There are so many children out there with real problems who're waiting to be seen by hospital departments for various things, who genuinely need those appointments. Then there's children who don't need those appointments, but are there because their parents have heard how much money you can get if your child has behavioural problems.

Whilst people like me, who has a son who is clearly behind with some kind of learning difficulty at the least, who is told I have to wait 12-18 months to be seen by departments. If those appointment slots wasn't so full, maybe I could have the answers I so desperately want, so I know best how to support my child with his needs.

Maybe this whole conversation warrants a whole new post? 

Today I just feel like putting the world to rights!

I'd love to hear your thoughts below!

Jada x


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