Wednesday 13 April 2016

My Dream Birthday Day Outfit!

My birthday is just under two weeks away, and it's got the family asking me what I would like this year and if I will be celebrating in anyway. When I was younger I would count down the days until my birthday and whatever celebrations I had planned - like most people I'm sure! However, now I'm older, and getting older by the year, birthdays are events that you soon come to realise that you don't want to come around so fast.

I've done everything I've wanted to do celebrations wise, I can't stand clubbing and to be honest, facing another birthday meal just doesn't seem exciting to me. I would much rather order an indian and get it delivered to me at home, and enjoy the evening with Gareth, the puppy-dog and Spud. I've got no celebration plans whatsoever this year, and to be honest, I can't see it changing anytime soon!

If money wasn't an object though, this post may be completely different, as all of you know by now, I'm a massive Disney fan, so if I had the money, I'd be jetting off to Disneyland for a few days, and would go mental with Disney store shopping, although I'm not sure where I will house everything I dream of buying!

The one thing I would possibly like to do is go shopping with Gareth in a brand new, fresh and nice outfit. So if any of my lovely family read this, shopping vouchers would be much appreciated - I suppose this is when I see who actually reads my blog aha! All shall soon be revealed I'm sure ;)

The outfit I'd love to go to shop and go to lunch in can be found below, it's very me, and the more I stare at the collage, the more I wish I had these items right now!

1. White Dipped Hem Shirt.
At the moment I am loving over sized white shirts! I'm a larger lady and love the way these shirts lay on you, they don't hide your figure, but do help compensate it. If my style of hat (number four) and shoes (number seven) wasn't black, this shirt may of just been black - because we all know black is a more flattering colour!

2. Ted Baker Small Raycon Bag.
With the 5p bag charge now in place across the UK, everyone need's a shopping bag of some sort! With this Ted Baker shopping bag, I can not only use it as a shopping bag, but as a personal bag too, popping my phone, purse, keys and other essentials inside. Designer brands don't have to come with designer prices, doing a search for a Ted Baker sale led me to this beauty which cost an amazing and affordable £13!

3. Ripped Effect Relaxed Jeans.
I'm not sure if ripped jeans are in fashion or not at the moment, but I honestly don't care! I've never been one of the sheep who follow the crowd, I prefer to say I have my own style, throwing this and this together! Ripped jeans are something I've always loved though, and since my favourite pair ripped in the wrong place a few weeks ago, I think they need to be replaced! You can dress them up with some pretty shoes, high or flat, or even dress them down with some Converse!

4. Black Hat.
This was the one item that kept coming in and out of the collage, just like when you go shopping in store, there's always one item that you can't quite decide on. I've never been a huge fan of hats, but after wearing one last year to soften the sunlight on my eyes, I may of become a little bit obsessed with hats, and I'm yet to add one like this to my collection!

5. Pearl Stud Earrings.
So often I find myself wearing fancy dangling earrings that don't even get any recognition as they're covered by my long hair. However, I still like to wear earrings, feeling somewhat naked if I don't wear earrings at all. These pearl style earrings may look large, but they're actually a decent size for the ear.

6. Resin Button Bangle.
I can be quite hit and miss with bangles, but I still love to wear them! When I was slimmer and younger, I would fill my wrist with them to wear, now I'm older, more wiser and somewhat larger, I like to wear just the one, and this beautiful Ted Baker one not only matches the colour of my Ted Baker bag, but it's the same designer brand with an affordable £11 price tag!

7. Black Slipons.
Slipons aren't always as easy as slipping on I must admit, but these slipons have my name all over them! For one, they have sparkles, secondly they have not one, but two buckles, and least but not last, they're black meaning they go with any colour of the rainbow and beyond!

What do you think of my birthday shopping and lunch outfit? Would you have something completely different, take some of the items out and replace them? Or keep it the exact same way as me?

Jada x


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