Wednesday 30 March 2016

Happy 10th Birthday Spud!

To my gorgeous darling boy Spud, today you turn 10 years old, your first set of double digits and what a 10 years it's been. 

Right now I'm guessing we're opening your presents in the living room, how your present list has changed over the years, gone are the plastic toy mobile phones and my first laptops, and in are the real phones, laptops and tablets!

No more Thomas, Winnie the Pooh or Mickey Mouse. Now it's all about Pokemon, Batman, Disney Tsum Tsum's and TY Beanie Boos, along with a phone case for the iPhone I plan to give you once I've sorted out my new upgrade. 

Today you turn 10, my big boy, who'll always be my baby.

Today we're going bowling with me - your mummy, I can't face the fact that soon I won't hear that word from your mouth anymore, soon it will be mum, mother or maybe even marge, your stepdad, your grandad, cousins and aunties.

You made your own birthday plans this year, you wanted a meal which we had on Saturday with your family, and you wanted to go bowling with your cousins. You specifically asked for these plans, when I asked you what you wanted to do this year.

Gone are the days where I planned a party with your advice, now you plan everything by yourself, my baby is turning into a young man.

Each day I look at you, and realise how much you don't need me anymore, it saddens me. 

Once you needed me for everything, and now, the list is getting smaller and smaller, soon you'll need me for hardly anything, but I want you to know I'll always be there for you, no matter what you need from me.

You wake up in the morning and you can make your own cereal, it took me ages to take the safety catch of the kitchen drawers as I'm so worried about the knives and other sharp cutlery, but you promised and proved to me that you would only reach for the spoons.

I'm not comfortable with teaching you how to use the toaster or oven yet, so it's only cereal you can do, but I know in a few years time, this will be a different story.

I know today you won't need as much help with your new toys, as you're getting more and more independent by the day. You may need me to help with batteries, but you won't need my help to set up anything, as you're now a whizz at doing such.

I also know you won't need as much help when we go bowling, I will advise you on the best bowling ball to use just incase you try and go for the heaviest, but I will relax a little more and sit back whilst you play with your cousins, whilst watching your beautiful smile spread across your face.

Since your 9th birthday, you've been referred to a new part of the hospital, not new to the hospital itself, but new to us, and it's something you was anxious about for a very long time. We went to occupational therapy and played some games and done some task and you took it all in your stride, even though you was so worried prior to the appointment.

Life has thrown so much at you, but you never stop smiling or being that super happy boy that you're.

Everyone in the family says how well behaved you are, along with your teachers at school, and me. You're the most pleasant boy I know, you're so well behaved, polite and helpful also, I'm so proud to call you my son.

You fill my heart with wonder and joy, to say I'm the proudest mummy is the biggest understatement ever heard. You make the sunshine shinier and the blue a bluer blue.

I love you, my baby boy - because no matter what age you're, you'll always be mummy's baby!

Forever and always,
Mummy xx


  1. Happy birthday to your boy! I hope he has a fab day.
    He sounds like a lovely young man x