Tuesday 29 March 2016

Six Things Your New Pony Needs!

Once your child is a competent horse rider, the next stage is to buy her a pony. Keeping a pony is expensive, but your child’s horse riding skills will improve immeasurably once she has her own pony to ride every day. You will also save a fortune on paid lessons, so overall a pony might not be as costly as you originally feared it would. So what six things does your new pony need?
Somewhere to Live
You can’t keep a pony in the backyard – not unless you have several acres of land behind your home. Lisa from the Simpsons made the mistake of keeping her pony in the garden and it ended badly.
Ponies need secure grazing. Most people keep their pony at a livery yard. Livery yards are set up for owners to keep their animals in a safe environment. In return for a weekly/monthly fee, you will have access to grazing, a stable, food, hay and straw, and somewhere to keep your horsey bits and pieces. You can also enjoy the company of other horse owners, which is great if you want to ride out with someone.
Halter and Lead Rope
You can’t lead a pony from the field into his stable without a halter and lead rope. It would be dangerous. Nylon and rope halters are cheap, but if you want a halter that will last, buy a good quality leather one.
Saddle and Bridle
Fit is very important when you buy a saddle and bridle. Your new pony might already have his own tack, but if you have to buy it, make sure you have the saddle correctly fitted. You can choose between a western-style saddle and an English-style one. An ill-fitting saddle is very painful for a horse, and if the seat is too small for your bottom, it won’t be very comfortable for you either.
Grooming Kit
Ponies need to be brushed daily. This is good for their coat, as it removes excess grease and mud from the field. It also keeps their skin in good condition. A basic grooming kit should contain a soft body brush, a curry comb, a hoof pick, a comb for the main and tail, and a stiff brush for muddy areas.
Turnout Rug
Less hardy breeds of horse and pony need a rug on before they are turned out into the paddock on a cold, wet day. Rugs vary in thickness, so choose an appropriate one for the weather conditions. Rugs also need to fit correctly: too small and it will rub and too large and it will fall off.
Stable rugs are useful for when your pony is stabled at night and exercise rugs protect a clipped pony on cool days.
One thing you can’t afford to forget about is equine insurance. Ponies are prone to injury and veterinary care can be horrifically expensive. Always invest in a comprehensive equine insurance policy when you buy a pony, or you could end up paying some very large vet bills.
Buy your horse kit from a horse supply store such as the One Stop Equine Shop.
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