Sunday 20 March 2016

The Rules of Dropping Food!

Nooo, don't eat that, it's dirty and covered in germs now it's fell on the floor! That's something I've heard myself saying on more than one occasion, but someone always comes to my not-needed rescue by telling Spud there's a five second rule!

I'm sure I'm not the only parent who's said that phrase over and over again? 

I must admit, now Spud's older, before anyone gets the chance to tell him about the rule, he's already eating whatever it was he had dropped, unless of course it's something like an ice cream cone, then it's a no go even for him!

Interestingly,, the easiest way to book a trusted house cleaner online has shared this infographic, and I'm surprised at how many instances you can relatively get away with it, if you're comfortable with doing it that is!

I'm not brave at all, I admit to throwing perfectly good looking and smelling food into the bin just a day after it going out of date, or even by it's best before date - making them not technically out of date! Sometimes I wish I didn't worry as much, because now I'm thinking about the time I dropped a cheese and ham sandwich on my laptop's keyboard, which I instantly threw in the bin, resulting in me having no lunch!

Do you go by the five second rule? My friend goes by the however long rule, she simply gives her food a quick brush down, a super quick inspection and then she's back to enjoying her food!

Jada x


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