Tuesday 18 November 2014

Upcycling in the Bathroom

Once you’ve got you bathroom fixtures and fittings installed (there are some great offers over at www.ideal-standard.co.uk), you can save money on providing some stylish accessories by upcycling a range of your old household products and transforming your bathroom with them. Here are some simple ideas for inspiration or to try for yourself.

Quirky Mirrors
There’s a variety of old products that you no longer have any use for to transform into a cool mirror. Here are a couple of ideas…

Tennis Rackets
The heads of old wooden tennis rackets make great mirror frames. Simply remove the strings from the racket, cut the mirror (you will need a wheel cutter, or find a local craftsperson) and secure inside the bevelled rim.

For a smaller mirror, an ex-jukebox record (with the centre cut out) makes a great looking frame for a bathroom in a musical or retro household.

A cabinet to hold your toiletries, either above the sink or freestanding, is a must for any bathroom.

Old Suitcase
An old suitcase is perfect for this re-purposing. The top of the suitcase already acts as a door and the compartments in the suitcase make great shelves for little bottles.

Towel Rail
This one is an easy one as any long thin piece of wood, plastic or metal can act as a rail for drying your towels.

Rolling pin
Old school rolling pins look great, simply secured away from the wall with a specially made bracket.

Chair back
A chair back with multiple spindles can act as a great rail for a number of towels.

This is another area where it is possible to get very creative using a whole host of pieces of furniture and products which are no longer good enough for their primary function.

Take the back off a guitar and secure to the wall front-first. Add shelves into the compartment with small pieces of plywood.

Ironing Boards
This quirky idea looks great if you spray paint the boards first or decorate with a nice pattern. All you need is brackets to put them up.

Step ladders or old wooden ladders provide great looking shelves for anywhere in the house.

You will also need somewhere to put you toothbrushes, soap and other essential toiletries…

Mason Jars
The ever reliable (and cheap) mason jars can be upcycled to give them the style you want. You just need imagination and some glass paints.

Old tobacco tins, large shells and old ash trays can make great soap dishes if re-styled in the right way.

Another neat idea is using all your old ties (or buy a collection from a charity shop) to make a rug.

If you have any idea's you'd like to share, please do leave a comment below!

Jada x


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