Friday 21 November 2014

Simple ways to keep your neighbourhood safe

Keeping our neighbourhoods safe is something we dream of and work hard to achieve. For most of us, the place we live is generally pretty safe and we’re happy bringing our families up there. However, there are a number of simple things we can do to keep our neighbourhoods even safer.

Security systems
Installing alarms and CCTV from Big Brother Systems Ltd can make your home and neighbourhood safer. If anyone looking to break in sees these, they’ll think twice about trying it. CCTV cameras are easy to install and are a great tool in the fight against burglars and vandals. Or you could install infrared beams linked to alarms or outside lights that only come on when activated by someone crossing them.  Fit alarms on sheds where you keep valuables like tools and bikes too.  

Common sense measures
Make sure you always lock your doors and shut your windows when you leave the house. A lot of burglaries are opportunistic, so making it difficult for unwanted guests to get in your home will deter them. Having blinds and curtains up at windows will present another barrier for would-be burglars getting in too. It’s also important to keep fences and gates around your property in good condition so they can’t be climbed or broken easily making access more difficult.

If you have any ladders and tools, keep them locked away in a shed or somewhere secure. They can be used to climb up to open windows or to smash the glass in them.

Neighbourhood Watch
Having your street and surrounding areas join a Neighbourhood Watch scheme is another way to keep them safe. Schemes like this encourage people to look out for one another and also run youth workshops and local clean-up projects if needed. Being a Neighbourhood Watch area makes your neighbourhood safer as the signs showing you are one often deter criminals.

Getting to know your neighbours will help keep your neighbourhood safer as people who know each other tend to keep an eye out on what’s going on. Let each other know when you’re away on holiday and get spare keys cut so you can close curtains at night and switch lights on to make houses appear as though someone’s in.  Neighbours who know each other’s habits will be able to spot when something’s wrong and act accordingly. Burglars depend on people keeping themselves to themselves so if they know your neighbourhood is a close one, they’ll be less likely to come to yours.

Social media
Careful use of social media is important too. Encourage others in your neighbourhood not to post details of when they’re away from their homes on Facebook as you never know who’s reading it. If criminals see a home is empty, they may be tempted to pay a visit.

And, of course, always lock your car when it’s on the drive or street outside your home and keep keys out of sight and away from the front door so they can’t be grabbed from the outside.

Keeping your neighbourhood safe isn’t difficult. Just follow these tips and help yours stay that way.

Jada x


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