Top Tips For Driving Home at Christmas

by Jada, November 24, 2014
If you have a lengthy journey ahead of you ready for a visit home this holiday season, don’t underestimate the toll continuous driving can have on you.

It can be tiring watching those white lines whizzing by and your body will probably need a deep massage treatment before you know it.

It doesn’t have to be this way though. With a bit of planning, a long journey can be made into a pleasurable experience whether you are driving alone or with family and friends

Be Prepared

First of all, if you are travelling with other licensed drivers, make a plan to rotate driving duties.

Secondly, plan a few pit stops en route and, if you have time, even stop off somewhere interesting to make the trip more fun.

Thirdly, get a GPS device so that you have a cool and collected navigator with you for the journey. Top spec gadgets (such as Tom Tom sat nav for example) come with advanced lane guidance, life time maps and quick search amongst a host of other useful features.

Sat navs make driving safer because you worry less about missing a turn or overshooting a motorway exit. It provides the driving support that you’d normally have to be aware of yourself so enables you to focus on being safe behind the wheel.

The fourth tip is to listen to music, comedy or just your favourite radio show to add a little entertainment to the trip and also help keep you alert.

Chewing gum is also a great way of keeping your mind tuned in; mint flavours tend to keep you bright and bushy-tailed.

When driving a long distance it is important to ensure you have plenty to eat and drink in the car with you. By ensuring you are hydrated and not hungry you maintain your concentration for a longer period of time. Some energy drinks or coffee can also help drivers to stay awake although caution is recommended.
It is vital that you do not wait until your petrol gage is on red before you attempt to look for a nearby petrol station. Whilst a sat nav will be able to pick one up relatively quickly – you have no idea how far away it might be and no one wants to run out of petrol on a motorway.
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