Monday 24 November 2014

Getting An Early Start On The New Year’s Resolutions!

New Year is well and truly approaching, but clearly, first we have to get December and Christmas out of the way! Why not get a head start over this time on your New Year’s Resolutions? You could at least get the plans in place – remember, there’s never a wrong time for a whole new you! Christmas is a time for fun and indulgence, but just make sure you’re not burning the candle from both ends!
Stop Smoking!
This is the old cliché, and yet it crops up for so many of us, time and time again! If you’re a smoker looking to stop, there are so many ways you can go about it. First stop, check the NHS special stop smoking sites. Next, consider getting some patches, and even some lollipops to keep your mind off it! The most important thing to remember is it needs to be the right time and you will need willpower!
Join The Gym
If this is one that interests you, you’ll want to do that sooner rather than later! The New Year rush is a right headache for gym buddies, as they find their safe space invaded by total newbies! Be on the sneering side this year as you prepare to roll your eyes at these people who’ll inevitably drop out before the end of January. Whether you will too doesn’t matter – if you get in there now, you can tell yourself it’s okay that the queues put you off your ‘beloved’ gym, and you’ll have a viable excuse.
Cut Down The Alcohol
This isn’t Alcoholics Anonymous – the majority of us can enjoy a drink without it leading to total and utter chaos, but that isn’t to say that a lot of us don’t have relationships or even waistlines that couldn’t benefit from a bit of a detox. Switching from drinking twice a week to just once or less can help, as can thinking of other activities that don’t always centre on drink. Remember, you can still go to the pub or clubs without getting drunk – yes, it might seem alien but you can still have fun, with the right people. Plus, no hangovers: bonus! If you are struggling for tips, check out Drink Aware.
Start Listening To Your Body
So many of us don’t do this. Whether we’re overeating, over working, or even overdoing it on the health kick stuff (yes, that’s a thing too, sorry!), you need to actually start LISTENING. What worked for you two years ago may not work now, and you shouldn’t push yourself harder than you can manage. Why not set a goal to treat yourself once a month to something relaxing? Massages can be great, whether you’re simply stressed, or actually injured from over exertion. Total Health Clinics offer the sort of services that could really help you get back on track.


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