Friday 21 November 2014

60% of Parents Want Fireworks To Be Sold to Professionals Only.

Remember, remember the 5th of November has already passed away in our diaries and calendars, so you'd think they'll be less fireworks doing its rounds wouldn't you? However, every day since mid October until currently there seems to be fireworks of some sort let off every night, sometimes even during the day of what you can only think is immature teenagers or even children.

A survey carried out by UKMedix asked 1,000 UK residents over the age of 18 ''Should fireworks only be sold to professional organisers and not the general public?'' To read the full story that I've read, you can find the article here. The survey found that overall, 53% of the survey participants would want no restrictions to who can buy fireworks, however the older generation were leaning towards restrictions, unlike the younger generation.

Spud at a professional display last year, with his ear defenders as he can't deal with the loud noises!
I didn't participate in the survey, however, if I would of known about it, I sure would of participated and would of been one of the participants backing the pledge. Fireworks are not toys, gadgets or just pieces of put together material to mess around from.

The results showed that:
  • 57% of over 45’s believe that fireworks should only be sold to professional organisers.
  • 44% of women wanted the same restrictions throughout all age groups.
  • 43% of 18-44 year olds did not want any restrictions on firework sales.
  • 60% of parents think that fireworks should only be sold to professional organisers and not to the general public.

There can be devastating consequences if fireworks get into the wrong hands, and this is only proved by the horror stories you see in the tabloids during this time of year. Those on the frontline such as firefighters and A&E staff have longed warned about the dangers of fireworks in the hands of amateurs, having seen the first-hand devastating and life changing injuries that can be caused by mishandling fireworks.

When I was a teenage, I helped volunteer at a local firework display, I was with my friend and her mum so my dad gave me permission to help out. Once the display was finished, and the bonfire started fading out, we started to walk around the park with black sacks and litter pickers collecting all the rubbish we could see, when we started hearing firework bangs that seemed quite close. 

Within a few seconds we was all running around like headless chickens as a group of teenagers was setting off fireworks from the side of the hill, so instead of the fireworks shooting up into the sky, they was heading down to the bottom of the park, right in our direction! Luckily, all of us escaped harm and the teenagers run off, however, their actions could of been horrifying.

The video above shows a firefighter getting attacked by fireworks that a group of teenagers have let off as they try to attend to a small fire. Imagine if one of those fireworks would of hit one of the firemen in the face?

I'm backing the 60% of parents who want to see fireworks sold to professionals only. I know home displays are personal and more convenient for many, however, I would much rather see more money invested into professional displays!

Jada x


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