Thursday 6 February 2014

Moshi Monsters Series 9 Countdown - Day 9

Me and Spud got the Wii out after school and have spent the last 90 minutes dancing away to some 80s classics! Along with Mummy screaming her lungs off that is! We then had dinner and a lovely bowl full of home made fruit salad! Spud asked for some custard to go with his, whilst I settled with a scoop of vanilla Ice-cream! 

Day 9 - Pipsi
Pipsi the Fizzical Phewberry

Pipsi the obsessive, energetic and driven Fizzical Phewberry is another one of my top three favourites from series 9! Just look at how cute she is! Sadly I don't think we would be the best of friends because Pipsi is so healthy, she loves all kinds of fruit and anything to do with keeping fit! Pipsi is quite a firm favourite of Spud's too, he said she looks like the 118 men from the telly, I'm not sure that Pipsi took that quite well! Pipsi likes exercise video's and star jumps, Spud's favourite jump and she dislikes carbs before bedtime and sitting around - oops, I better hide in another room whilst I do these two then!

Rank: 158
Rarity: Ultra Rare

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