Sunday 2 February 2014

Moshi Monsters Series 9 Countdown - Day 5

Sunday's are known to be either one of two days, Sunday chill-days or Sunday fun-days! Having nothing planned for today, me and Spud just expected to have a Sunday chill-day, watching lot's of movies, eating cheese cake and demolishing down a home cooked roast, of course that was until we got day number five moshling out! 

Day 5 - Twaddle
Twaddle the Waddling Floffle

Twaddle is not a fat bat but a sappy, frivolous and soppy Waddling Floffle! Not only has Twaddle got a funny name but she also has a funny game! This chubby little Moshling can often be found falling out of the sky, not that anyone has a clue why! Twaddle loves enchanted sap because it helps their titchy wings lift their body of the ground and barbecued ladybird wings - me and Spud think that's cruel, although we suppose it's a bug eat bug world! Twaddle dislikes greenfly and the rising cost of biscuits - well I dislike the rising cost of food in general!

Rank: 157
Rarity: Common

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