Saturday 15 February 2014

Furby Boom Review

A little while ago we was sent a Furby Boom to review and my gosh did it bring back some fond childhood memories of mine. I remember having a Furby when I was a young child, it was pale pink and I called her Blossom. I'd turn on Blossom more than once a day, annoying my Mum and siblings with it's Furby talk, and annoying them with my cries when it kept going to sleep on me! I never did remember what happened to my Furby, I think maybe a new phase came along and that was it, it was left in the bottom of the toy box to be forgotten about unfortunately!

Hearing the news a few years ago that Furby's was to make a come back annoyed me at first, I remembered the good memories but I also remembered the bad, that Furby's could die, not literally die because they are only toys, but in fact die until you reset them. I must of reset my Furby at least once a day on the last few weeks of play! I also remember being highly frustrated with the annoyance of not being able to pair my Furby up with my sister's! I'm sure I was not the only one who was not pleased of these adorable little interactive creatures!

Hoping Spud would not pick up on the Furby hype, I was quite relieved when the only Furby he questioned was a little mini plastic one from a McDonalds Happy Meal on a treat day. Then we went round a friend's house, then me and Spud had our first go on these new interactive wonder's, and that was it! My fond childhood memories come pouring back into my head, full of all the good memories, forgetting the bad, and a new fondness was growing on Spud!

Just like the original Furby's that was out years ago when I was a child, the Furby's can interact with each other, talk, are good shoulders to cry on and give excellent still cuddles. However, the Furby Boom is just something extremely different! Living life in today's world is full of technology, bus stops feed live information to you on LCD screens informing you of the next bus, and Furby Boom's get even more interactive by apps!

I admit I was a little sceptical at first, Spud is quite like me in his childhood mannerism, and I didn't want him to go through the emotions of losing a dying Furby! Not only can you cuddle, interact and pat your Furby, but by downloading the app from the Apple store on my iPhone 5, Spud and myself (shh don't tell him I play with it when he goes to bed!) can feed our Furby Bloom friend, check it's health by giving it a x-ray, take it to the toilet, bathe it and even help them with laying a virtual egg!

Spud has been getting on extremely well with the Furby Boom and I'm thinking of getting him a new one for his birthday so he can see how Furby's can interact with each other! As the whole Furby phase is new to Spud, his view on the Furby is all good. I on the other hand am still holding back for now, I am so worried about it dying, I sometimes even daydream about it! Thankfully though, for the whole time we've been trying this one out, it's been playing really well!

The Furby Boom comes in a variety of colours of all assortments and requires 4 AA batteries that are not included. The Furby Boom retails for around £59.99 and is available to purchase from Amazon, Asda, Argos, Toys R Us, Smyths Toys, John Lewis, The Entertainer and many more toy stockers.

Until next time,
Jada x

Spud and myself would like to thank Direct Line home insurance for sending us the Furby Boom for review!


  1. I hate these things - I have seen them in use! Thank goodness they are too expensive for me to afford to get one!