Wednesday 5 February 2014

Moshi Monsters Series 9 Countdown - Day 8

Getting into bed on Tuesday night, I would never of imagined what the scene would be when I woke up! I had a right old fright finding this Moshling staring right at me from my bedside table! I moshnapped him from the series 9 chest so I could write up this post, he was not pleased about it and told me right off! That was not until he boosted about his bedside table and how much more nicer & comfortable it was then mine! Charming!

Day 8 - Swizzle
Swizzle the Swaggering Swine

Swizzle the Swaggering Swine is a preposterous, affected and boastful moshling who has a terrible eyesight! Swizzle loves to swag up his style a little bit and is quite thrifty - see that big necklace around his neck? It's actually a rope full of pineapple rings! Swizzle likes loud snorting (WHY!?) and pineapple rings (mmm me too!) and dislikes lamppost and flashy foxes - me and Spud are not sure about the flashy foxes - we dislike all foxes!

Rank: 150
Rarity: Rare

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