Tuesday 11 February 2014

Moshi Monsters Series 9 Countdown - Day 14

Scientifically proven, there is just three more days until the reveal! We can't believe it's very nearly over, it's such a great campaign to be apart of! However, I know there are thousands of Moshi fans who can't wait to see what this big surprise is! Along with the release date too of course!

Day 14 - Prof. Heff
Prof. Heff the Molecular Chef

Prof. Heff the Molecular Chef is a ingenious, experimental and bumbling science mad cook! Never ask this particular chef for a simple snack but simple can not be done! OCD seems to spring to mind when you think of the personality of this moustache grower! Prof. Heff likes dissecting gooberries and foraging for fluffles, both myself and Spud are yet to forage for anything, along with dissecting too! Prof. Heff dislikes fast good and dirty surfaces - me too! Not sure I can agree with the fast one though, Spud does like the occasional Mcdonalds and KFC treat!

Rank: 159
Rarity: Uncommon

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