Friday 13 December 2013

The Cracker Drinks Co. - The Perfect Christmas Juices!

If you’re looking to warm your winter taste buds with something other than the usual selection this Christmas, you’ll be pleased to know that The Cracker Drinks Co is bringing something different to the dinner table.

Step away from the same old fizz and wine and mix things up with the sweet and sharp tartness of ‘Blueberry & Blackberry’, or accompany your turkey and Christmas pudding with the juicy flavours of ‘Apple, Strawberry & Cranberry.’ Enjoyed alone or as delicious cocktail mixers, the berry-bursting drinks serve as a thirst-quenching and exciting alternative to the typical Christmas drinks selection.

The company’s expert team of mixologists has crafted a range of juice flavours, using unique combinations to combine the art of blending with the essence of Christmas.

The Cracker Drinks Co. was built on a simple vision: to create exquisite fruit drinks for everyone. Their founding principle was to use the highest quality natural ingredients allowing the pure taste of the fruit to speak for itself.

They blend unusual but complimentary flavours perfectly, resulting in what they believe are the best tasting fruit juice drinks available. Their drinks are completely natural and they never use artificial additives, colours or preservatives. It's a real art and they believe it's their remarkable blending that makes their drinks taste so good.

The Cracker Drinks Co. is a privately owned British company, founded in 2005, dedicated to delivering quality, great tasting juice drinks for everyone. Me and Spud was both lucky to review some of the beautiful flavours available to buy which were apple, strawberry and cranberry, blueberry and blackberry (my favourite) and mango and passion fruit (Spud's favourite!).

We ran out of all three drinks within two day's but thankfully a visit to the supermarket stocked us up with some more to last us through to the festive season thanks to the drinks long best before dates! The drinks are full of each flavour and send your mind wondering off whilst your taste buds explode with excitement!

The Cracker Juice Co. range of juices and juice drinks are available in all major supermarkets across the UK at £1.50 - £1.59 RRP per 1 litre. Other flavours in the range include Mango & Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Guava & Lime, Apple & Lychee and Still & Cloudy Lemonade.

To find out more about The Cracker Drinks Company and to view their full product information on their ranges check out the official website here.

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