Sunday 8 December 2013

Joe's Tea Co - One For The Tea Lovers

When Joe's Tea got in touch asking if I would like to review some of their tea's in time for Christmas I done a little investigating on Joe because I had never heard of the company before, but the description and images featured on the website made me feel like I should of known about Joe's Tea, however because I had not heard of the company before the email, I decided I needed to taste Joe's tea, the products were screaming at me and so I was delighted when three boxes turned up in the post with my name written all over them!

From eagerly helping out in his family’s pub kitchen whilst growing up, to leaping into Brighton’s flamboyant organic trade in his twenties; from working in warehouses handling thousands of organic lines, to pitching up in London to head up production at a fruitful organic tea company – Joe has learnt, lived and breathed the trade of taste. Dealing with (and drinking lots of) fine teas in London and loving how tea can bring people together, a little seed was sown.

So, after much sweat, toil, travels and tea guzzling, Joe’s Tea Company was born in 2012. His dream? To bring us our favourite hot drink in its finest form, to take the ‘toff’ out of fine tea, to tingle our taste buds with quirky and colourful concoctions but keep it real, and to celebrate the moments shared over a quality cuppa. After all, ‘it’s just tea’ Joe says.

How Joe Does 'Organic'.
Our bodies might not be as temple-y as we’d like, but when it comes to a simple slurp of tea, we might as well treat ourselves to the finest taste and ditch the cheeky chemicals. Joe believes in fuss-free organic because tea needs properly looking after in happy soil to be its best. That’s why Joe uses only organic tea, herbs and fruit in his blends, grown to perfection using old-school organic farming methods. All of Joe’s good-to-go fuso bags are made out of corn starch, meaning they’re 100% biodegradable. All tea is transported using carbon neutral courier, Elite Worldwide, and internationally Joe’s tea is always transported by land or sea, rather than by air.
Joe's Tea very kindly sent me the following three blends below to try out, read on more to find the description, price and my thoughts on each blend.
Joe's Tea - Christmas Chai Rooibos - £4.75
Close your eyes… think crackling log fires and snuggly rugs… now inhale this heart-warming aroma and sink into a sip of Joe's most festive blend. Spicy chai meets naturally organic and caffeine-free rooibos to dissolve those winter woes.
Each box of Christmas Chai Rooibos contain 15 good to go fuso bags and with the ingredients containing 9 amazing sources such as cinnamon, nutmeg, liquorice and ginger I knew straight away I was facing a real Christmassy style type of tea. Dishing these out between me and any visitor who visited my home these sadly went a lot quicker than I expected so until Santa brings me some more, the memories will remain of the sweet but spicy festive smell and taste of such a perfect tea! 
Available to buy directly from Joe's Tea and selected stockers.

Joe's Tea - Chocca-Roo-Brew - £4.75

Discover the ultimate feel-good be-good treat, as you inhale rich chocolatey aromas, sip in sweet rooibos and pay homage to after-dinner moments and happy days. Naturally organic and caffeine-free. I've never tasted chocolate flavoured tea and I will be totally honest with you, I was expecting a hot chocolate kind of taste so I had to have two cups one after another to make my mind up about this flavour.

With vanilla pods, chocolate chips and natural flavoured chocolate enhanced within the organic it's ideal for a chocolate lover just like me, I found adding a little bit more milk than usual gave this brew a gold star. I've not been so sharing with this box unfortunately for any visitors but you see sometimes we have to keep the best for ourselves don't we and the 15 tea bags contained within the box had an invisible J on each one meaning they are for me, and me only!

Available to buy directly from Joe's Tea and selected stockers.


Joe's Tea - The Earl of Grey - £4.50

Dust down your best china and silver-up the spoons as you refresh your senses with this elegant blend. Black tea is finely fragranced with bergamot orange oil and it’s organic too, don’t you know! Just like the previous two blends above, The Earl of Grey comes with 15 good-to-go fuso bags!

With only two ingredients present in the making of Joe's style of The Earl of Grey I was shocked to find the tea full of flavour. Not the biggest of fans for Earl of Grey tea I added an extra sugar and a extra splash of milk to give it a more bearable taste for my pleasure. Tasting this brew after trying the other two previous blends was most probably not the best of idea's as I could only face two cups within one week.

Available to buy directly from Joe's Tea and selected stockers


To find out more about Joe's Tea or to have a browse at their other beautiful ranges of brews and of course to find the nearest stocklist to you check out the official website here.

Until next time,
Jada x


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