Thursday 12 December 2013

Standeazy - The Perfect Christmas Present PLUS Competition!

When it comes to Christmas shopping, the annual task of finding something inspiring, different, thoughtful and appropriate for those dearest to us can quickly turn into a bit of a nightmare. Another bundle of socks? A funny mug? Slippers? Chocolates? Especially when it comes to not wanting to spend too much on a nifty gift, the choices become quickly limited and frustratingly dull. And all too often, the latest gadgets are already around the house anyway, so it’s a big head scratching season ahead of the festive one.

There is an easy choice for affordable Christmas or party gifts.

Anyone owning a smartphone will know the abundance of applications from video chat to TV and movie streaming that benefit from hands-free use; but where is that fancy stand when one needs it out and about? Discover Standeazy, the credit card sized phone stand designed for iPhones and the iPod Touch.

Holding a phone can be as simple as this: a lightweight polypropylene travel stand engineered to work for different viewing angles in both portrait and landscape. Standeazy doesn’t just fit into any stocking, it if credit card sized so it fits in any wallet and is right there to unfold – wherever the phone (and owner) may be.

Standeazy currently comes in nine different designs. West Midlands based artist Petra Röhr-Rouendaal has created the illustrations for the stands so choosing a Standeazy is not just about giving a practical gift, but also a bit of unique art.

With prices starting at £2.99, here is a stocking filler that is affordable, practical and artistic – whether it’s for mum, dad, the grandparents, siblings or children.

I tried mine out at breakfast with my sister and nephew this week, not wanting my phone to end up in a pool full of baked beans, sausages, egg, tomatoes and not to forget the buttery toast, I placed my phone on the stand (which has been held in my purse since I got it!) and placed it just in front of Baby Boo and let him watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes on YouTube. My phone was held firmly in place away from little messy hands and the food too!

I also noticed how great the stand would be if we had Spud or my other nephew on us, instead of them arguing over who holds the phone to watch something, which happens too often, the stand can be placed in the middle of a table allowing all three of them to get a good view of the mini screen!

Available to buy with prices starting from as little as £2.99 from Amazon, Etsy and Standeazy the Standeazy phone stands are great for stocking fillers or top up presents this Christmas!

Standeazy have very kindly offered my readers/visitors the chance to win a Standeazy of their very own! A total of 5 Standeazy stands are up for grabs, for your chance to win one for yourself, enter the competition below via the Rafflecopter form.

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