Friday 6 December 2013

One Of My 2014 New Year Resolutions.

Can you believe that it's the 6th of December already!? How has it been nearly a whole year until Christmas 2012 and the beginning of 2013? Soon it will be Christmas 2013 and the beginning of 2014, time really does go fast it seems when you're an adult. Whilst millions of us across the nation are preparing ourselves for one of the happiest days of the year, many of us are also thinking about the new year ahead and what resolutions if any we will be setting ourselves for 2014.

Every year without fail I will make a new year resolution, I don't always start it on the 1st of January of the new year as I find I always fail or become unsuccessful within just a few days of starting. My new year resolution for 2014 is to begin driving, I mentioned yesterday about the cold school runs at this time of the year and I can't face years of them to come, the freedom surrounded by being able to drive is a saviour even against the cold morning's.

With my new year resolution being for myself to take up driving lessons, I am glad my resolution never usually starts on the 1st of January because I can't really imagine what the roads are going to be like on this day. I can imagine them being manic with the January sales and the best part of my paid hour long driving lesson being spent sat in traffic with me stalling every few minutes making the traffic jam worse.

Besides my resolution is not even possible to start right at the beginning of the new year because I don't even hold a provisional driving license, something every driver started off with. I don't have the funds right now to get this before Christmas and I certainly wouldn't be spending any money I receive over the festive period on one as I do like the sales!

Making sure I have a provisional license is my first step to getting behind the wheel, after the two test of which enables you to pass (as long as you pass them successfully) is taken, its time to start looking into buying a car. Once you've got the 'most important bits' out of the way (purchasing a car, getting insured, road tax/MOT checked, breakdown cover etc) your ready to go right?

Not for me, because I am a mother, and I have to think about driving with Spud in the back of my car, firstly I will have a talk with him about how he mustn't be too loud or distracting for Mummy as I need to concentrate, secondly after checking out car seat laws I know I need to make sure he has the appropriate car seat which is suitable for him and thirdly to make sure I have an emergency box in the boot containing drinks, a blanket, some snacks etc in case we was to ever break down.

Being quite a fashion follower I know my car will all be matching when I do get one, I will have the prettiest smelling air fresheners, the best music player I can find and the cutest car seat for Spud! As I've never drove or owned a car before, I usually rely on my family to ferry me and Spud around so I have took their advice and will be buying Spud a Britax car seat. Listening to trusted sources especially my family is very important for me.

Fortunately for me the Britax car seat Spud has in my Dad's car especially for him is not sold anywhere any more so I will have to go and browse some brand new ones Britax have made before I make my final decision! Any excuse to go shopping, even if it is for thing's for my car! Shopping is shopping after all :p.

Have you got any new year resolutions for 2014? Would you care to share in a comment below?

Until next time,
Jada x


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