Thursday 5 December 2013

Fiskars Cuts+More Scissors - A Gift For The Men!

This Christmas why not buy a special gift for him that’s a cut above the rest thanks to Fiskars Cuts+More Scissors.

If you’re struggling for Christmas gift ideas for the men in your life, Fiskars may be able to help with their new Cuts+More Scissors - quite possibly the world’s most versatile scissors! They feature multiple tools in one, these ordinary looking scissors are actually not like any other scissors at all! The scissors turn into a handy knife and there’s even a bottle opener too. 

If grandad loves his gardening with dad liking his DIY or if uncle Bill just likes to have the latest gadgets on the market, then Cuts+More is a great present to buy for any older male this Christmas!

Fiskars high quality blades are renowned in the world for their multi-purpose scissors, Cuts+More feature a wire and twine cutter, rope notch, awl tip and bottle opener. In one swift movement they separate and the titanium-coated blade can also be used as a knife. They are dishwasher safe and include an innovative cover with a built- in tape cutter for opening boxes and a ceramic scissors sharpener to keep the blades performing at their best.

Not just the men will find a pair of Cuts+More useful they will make an ideal gift for home improver's, flower arrangers, dressmakers, the home worker, cook and even the student would all benefit from Cuts+More’s range of features. 

Fiskars Cuts+More Scissors combine the following multiple tools in one:

High-quality blades ideal for cutting paper, plastic packaging, twine, fabric, light wire and more.

Power notch to cut light rope.

Wire cutter for cutting light wire without damaging the blades.

Twine cutter to cut twine cleanly and quickly.

Pointed awl tip for piercing small holes in cardboard, leather and more.

Bottle opener that can be used with the sheath in place.

Titanium-coated, take-apart knife for cutting large and awkward things.

Cover includes an integrated ceramic scissor sharpener and tape cutter for 
opening boxes.

Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

The large, ergonomically sculpted finger and thumb loops provide excellent comfort and control when cutting. Having no male old enough to try these for me at home, I took to taking the scissors apart myself and found them extremely easy to use! I opened a J2O for Spud using the bottle opening technique, used the pointed awl tip to make a belt in a hole and put them through their paces in the dishwasher to see how they would survive!

I am extremely impressed with the scissors and have and will continue to recommend the Cuts+More as a suitable present for the older males this Christmas. One of my brothers is a tradesmen and I know having a pair of these in his tool box would save him carrying around a few different tools when he can have them all in one thanks to Fiskars!

Cuts+More – an essential household item and a fantastic gift this Christmas are available from B&Q and independent home and garden stores for a snap up price of just £18.99!

To find out more about Fiskars and to view their other products (because yes they do more than just scissors!) check out the official website here.

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