Tuesday 28 March 2017

Gearing up for Spring: Weekend Ideas

Alas, the time to open the windows has arrived! Winter’s grasp has weakened, and spring is falling upon us now. If you are beyond ready to bring some life back into your home, family, and soul, read on for some great weekend ideas that will slowly adapt you to the change of season.

Brighten the Home
Nothing speaks of springtime more than getting rid of the dreary darkness and replacing it with sunshine, sparkle, and colour. I love to look for cheap but noticeable ways to welcome spring in the home; whether it is adding a fresh coat of paint to the bedroom to lighten things up, or re-upholstering the dining room chairs for a colour pop.

Replacing your d├ęcor with something floral or bright will be a subtle yet fresh way to breathe life back into your place of residence. The more airy your place feels, the more refreshed you will feel after coming home from a long day at work. Apartment Therapy has a great article on little changes that will make a huge difference in your home!

Wardrobe/Window Shopping
Out with the bulky sweaters, chunky scarves, hats and mittens – spring calls for a fresh new wardrobe. This is a perfect weekend activity for you and your closest friends, or a solo activity if you need an hour or two to waste. If you haven’t the funds to replace your wardrobe, make it a window shopping/idea inspiring afternoon by trying on new things and keeping the style in mind for later. You’ll be surprised how adding a pop of colour to your wardrobe will add a spring to your step!

Spring Clean
We all grumble about it, but feel magnificent once it is complete! As the weather gets warmer, we are inspired to toss the bulk we’ve accumulated over winter months and start afresh. Make this a weekend endeavour to tackle with your family (you can give the kids smaller tasks!) Order some takeaway from your favourite local restaurant (Hungry House caters to thousands of them in your area), purchase a treat as an incentive, and get going!

Prep your Garden
Flowers and lively gardens are synonymous with springtime, so start prepping your outdoor and indoor garden! Depending on your garden space, find a layout that works best with what you are given. Figure out which plants bring you a sense of life, and begin the planning process! If you are in a flat and don’t have access to a garden, have no fear; there are loads of indoor garden ideas that can spruce up any home size.

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