Friday 24 March 2017

5 Top Tips To Keep Ice Cream Cool For The Kids

Spring has officially began in the UK, and before we know it summer will soon be here. With the warmer weather comes the freshly cut gardens, and then the paddling pools get filled, the water pistols come out, the BBQ's get lit, and the fun begins for the whole family!

For kids, there’s nothing better on a hot summer’s day than a cold frozen treat, but it’s frustrating when you feel as though the scoops of ice cream you’ve just served up have melted straight away. No one wants ice cream puddles or lollies melting in your hands, so here are a few tips on how to prevent them.

1. Freeze your dessert bowls
Putting your ice cream bowls in the freezer for only a few minutes will chill them to a point that will keep your ice cream frozen for longer. Depending on how prepared you want to be, you could also pre-scoop some ice cream balls. You’ll be able to get the ice cream to the table quicker without it melting before your kids tuck in.

2. Use a metal container
Remove the ice cream from its original container and transfer it to a metal container that is big enough to hold it all. Here’s the science behind this tip. When you pack a frozen dessert more loosely into a container you will create insulating pockets of cold air that result in a slower melting time. To keep it even longer, put it into a cooler with large blocks of dry ice – a perfect solution for large parties.

3. Keep it out of the sun
This one is a no-brainer. When it comes to keeping ice cream frozen the sun is your worst enemy. If you’re storing it in an ice box, keep it out of the sun and in the shade and ensure that there is good airflow around the box. Covering your box with a wet beach towel will work even better and avoid opening it too much because this will let the heat in and the cold out. Depending on the amount, you can store ice cream in a cooler with dry ice for up to 9 hours.

4. Invest in an ice cream freezer
It is important to create storage for your environment that maintains a temperature below freezing. A designated ice cream freezer will not only hold a lot but help you showcase your products, too. Sliding lid ice cream freezers are ideal for packaged lollies or tubs and will keep your ice cream frozen until it’s ready to be served. This is another great option for kids’ parties as it lets them see the flavours before they choose. You could even make it into a fun game by having designated ice cream servers.

5. Eat it fast!
Forget brain freeze, the best way to ensure that your ice cream doesn’t start to melt is to eat it as fast as possible. Make sure you’re well stocked with all of the right additions like chocolate sauce, sprinkles and of course - flakes too!

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