Monday 27 March 2017

5 Top Tips To Keep Children's Parties Cost Down.

In three days time, my once premature bundle of joy will be 11 years old, and along with a birthday to organise, I've also got a birthday party to organise - well the organisation side of things started as soon as I got out of hospital, it's now to host and throw the party that needs doing! Whilst Spud is still a bundle of joy, he's not the tiny baby that he was all those years ago, although he's still my baby, and with age, comes higher price tags and costlier list.

Year after year, we've celebrated Spud's birthday's in a number of ways, we've done parties at the local leisure centre, complete with two bouncy castles and soft play features, we've done the sleepover, the meals at restaurants, the bowling alley and cinema visits and all the rest in between (like once when he just wanted to visit the local bus shop just to get every single colour timetable they did!), and year after year the expense of the celebrations rise.

This year is no different - there's still high cost to be met, but not as much thanks to my willingness to keep cost down! So I thought I'd show you all a few tips on how to keep the cost of children's parties spends to the minimum.

1. Book Venues Well In Advance.
Not only is it ideal to book venue's in advance to ensure your selected date is free, but it's also ideal to ensure cost are kept to the minimum. If you enquire about a venue with a weeks notice, chances are they'll be fully booked, or they'll know you're desperate for that spot and will add extra cost on, so be expected to receive a hefty quote!

2. Look Out For Discounts.
If you've got a place in mind of where you'd like to host the party (because let's face it, who likes the joys of having a messy house after a hectic day!?), be sure to follow the venue's social media channels and keep an eye on their website for special offers and discounts. The only thing that comes with these things is you may not have the money handy when a special offer pops up - its usually the way isn't it! If this does happen, you could always enquire about lending - approach family and friends first, before resorting to low interest and short term payday loans, besides, once you've paid back what you owe, you could transfer the money you was so used to paying into a savings account, and when the party is near - you'll have a bit of money put by that could help with other party essentials - like the food!

3. Providing Food for 100? Only Buy For 50!
It may seem crazy to read the following subtitle, but think about it, when have you ever been to a party where the food has ran out? It never happens does it!? Year after year, celebration after celebration, I always over spend on the food and over exaggerate how much I'll actually need and how much would actually be eaten! At a children's party, children are more interested in playing rather than eating, parties don't tend to last for anymore than a couple of hours, and you'll find they'll get a plateful, have a few mouthfuls before declaring they're full - but not full enough to play!

4. DIY Everything!
Want to keep party cost to a minimum? There's one simple answer - do EVERYTHING yourself, from the food, to the venue, to the music, lights and games. Think about the party games that are going to cost you a few pennies, games like musical statues, musical chairs and egg and spoon (plastic spoons and plastic eggs!) races are so much fun, and don't require a main expensive prize (like parcel parcel for example!), simply gift the winner a certificate that you've premade and a mini bag of sweets and you've made that childs day! Another great party game is children's scratchcards, that I once made for another of Spud's birthdays! You could even DIY the tableware and accessories if you fancy the challenge!

5. Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Help.
You'll often find other parents are always willing to help a hand when it comes to party planning (not baby sitting! We have enough to do with our own children!), so why not gather your parent friends around with their children, let the children have a play date, whilst you adults get busy getting creative! Tomorrow after school I am doing just this, and will be making chocolates for the children to take home after the party, along with a crayon each - that I'm making (keep an eye out on a post on those coming soon!), whilst another day will see me trying to create my own party game. Reaching out for help from those closest to you will ensure you won't have to reach out to the professional party planners, keeping high cost at bay!

If you liked this post, then stay tuned because over the next few weeks it'll be full of birthday and birthday party talk!

Until next time,
Jada x


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