Wednesday 22 March 2017

Batman - The Black and Yellow Party!

Spud's birthday is soon approaching, and whilst I'm trying to take in the fact that my seven week premature baby boy is soon going to be 11 years old, I'm also trying to organise his 11th birthday party.

The party is going to be the BEST birthday party I've ever done Spud, I figured it may be the last year he wants a characterised party, so I of course decided it was time to go above and beyond.

Helping me to give Spud the best birthday possible is lots of companies, many unique and not very well known - not just yet anyway!

So keep an eye out on the blog, because soon, its going to be full of Batman, yellow and black!

It's going to be full of reviews and introductions to many companies, that I'm so glad I come across, because I know I'll be using their products again!

Get ready for a feature like no other!

It's going to be immense!

Jada x


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