Thursday 30 June 2016

Uni's Out For Summer - But Student Discounts Remain!

University students all over the UK are celebrating the end of year with results, parties and new adventures. Whilst uni lectures are out for summer, many students are unaware that student discounts still remain as long as you have a valid student ID card!

This post is about showing students how to make the most out of their student ID card, and get the best deals and discounts around! From cheaper dinners to cheaper days out, from cheaper movie tickets to cheaper travel expenses, from cheaper fashion to cheaper entertainment, this post will hopefully help you make the most of your student discount!

Being a student sadly isn't something that comes for free, so try to ease the student debt by saving with these tips below!

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Step One: Search, Search and Search!
Not everyone advertises their student discount/discounts, so look around the company's website you're interested in or give them a call to see if they have deals/discounts for students!! Searching for specific search terms can also be a great help, for example doing a search for student bus pass will bring up results for discounted bus fare rates!

Step Two: Always Carry Your Student ID With You!
Being in a shop that offers student discount is great when you're a student, but it's not great when you've not got your ID card to prove it! Anyone can say they're a student to grab a discount, and of course companies aren't going to have that. Make sure you have your student ID with you wherever you go, you never know when its going to be needed!

Step Three: Subscribe, Subscribe, Subscribe!
A lot of companies offer student deals every now and again, but the only problem is, they will only let you know of these discounts if you subscribe to a service they offer. Most of the time its in terms of a newsletter, so for the sake of having a newsletter delivered to your inbox once a month, it can be worthwhile with the discount on offer!

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Step Four: Don't Forget To Cancel Your TV License!
If you're moving out of student accommodation and won't be using your TV license for the last three months of your license cover, then it may be worth checking the TV Licensing website to find out if you're eligible for a refund for the time remaining on their website. It's always worth remembering that the student should buy their TV Licence as early in the year as possible. In doing so, they are more likely to have three months in a row or more left on their licence at the end of the year. If this is the case, the student is more likely to be eligible for a refund.

Step Five: Make Sure YOU'RE Saving Money!
Don't be fooled by every student discount you see, sometimes they really aren't worth the hassle of showing your ID card! For example Domino's may offer you a 25% discount, and Pizza Hut a 20% discount, if you're trying to save money, naturally you may go for the higher discount (Domino's), but their meals may cost a lot more than their competitor offering less discount! 

If you have any other student summer money saving tips, please do leave a comment below!

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