Wednesday 29 June 2016

Tips On Planning A Stress Free Holiday!

Holidays, they shouldn't be stressful but we all know the lead up and planning to them can be just that - stressful. After the stress of last year's holiday, I vowed that this years summer holiday will be less stressful, but with making the right plans, I've actually found a way to book and plan a holiday without ANY stress whatsoever, and I'm about to share it with all of you here with my top tips.

Step One: Do Your Research Prior To Booking, and Not After Booking!
I booked a holiday for me and Spud once without doing my proper research, I'd heard from one friend about how lovely the area was, so booked it as a spur of the moment. With two weeks to go until the booked holiday, I started researching the area and what there was to do with children, I'd wish I'd of done this before booking as sadly the area wasn't very child friendly, and catered for older couples mainly. Now before booking a holiday, I thoroughly do my research and make sure it's the right destination for us.

Step Two: Take As Much Hassle Out Of The Holiday As You Can.
You're going abroad and you've heard stories of people losing their luggage or their luggage arriving well after they have, it's no good, it shouldn't happen but it does. I'm a natural born worrier, so these things frighten me, especially as I have to carry a few important things around for Spud like his ear defenders, loosing luggage isn't something I'm prepared for, so for this years family summer holiday I've booked in with Send My Bag, a company who does what airlines should be doing, only they're more reliable and affordable, it's a win win all round!

Spud on one of our holiday's.

Step Three: Shop Around For The Best Currency Deals.
Going on holiday is an exciting prospect, and many of us want to exchange our money straight away to stop ourselves spending. Whilst this isn't an entirely bad thing, you could be losing out on currency by changing your money in a rush. The rate of currency often changes daily, so I'd suggest not only shopping around for the best deals, but to check out the different currencies on offer on a daily basis. If you see a currency at its lowest in four days, I'd snap it up, because it could soon rise to the highest it's been. Thats the only problem with waiting around, but most of the time it's worth it!

Step Four: Plan Ahead and Not On The Day.
Going on holiday should be relaxing, but what do you do if you've got nothing to do and can't stand another day at the beach or by the pool? Contact your travel agent or hotel and ask them if they accept advanced bookings for activities around the area. I'd also suggest booking in any meals you'd like to have at the hotel to avoid disappointment, that way, if you can't get a booking, you have the time to find alternative places to eat.

Spud enjoying the pool!

Step Five: Spend Less At Home, and More On Holiday.
No one wants to put money away for a holiday but have to dip into it before the holiday starts, but sometimes its important. Look around for the best insurance deals around, and try to find the cheapest airport parking available, if you don't intend to drive then call around local taxi firms for the best quote. Do your research and find ways on how to save holiday money, after all you want to spend the money on your holiday and not before it!

Finally, relax and enjoy yourself! If you plan ahead as much as you can, your holiday should go smoothly! I have a holiday booked for the summer holidays and all I need to do is exchange our money to currency! I have everything from lunch and dinners sorted, to what we're doing each day and evening, planning ahead isn't half as stressful as planning whilst you're away, it gives you more time to enjoy your holiday and really does take the stress away!

Jada x


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