Tuesday 28 June 2016

Losing Weight and Trying Not To Lose Money!

Never one to be in denial, I knew whilst waiting in the waiting room at my doctors surgery that I had put on weight, I was waiting for the nurse to call me in for my asthma check up or review as they like to call them nowadays. I'd prepared myself for the questions and 'advice' that was to come, but must admit I was shocked at the true amount I'd put on, choosing to avoid the scales at home and with my contraception nurse.

Between 2011 and now (2016), I've put on five stone, not five pounds, but five stone, that's 70 pounds, that's disgusting (because it's not medical!) and unbelievable poop right there! I can't bear to tell the world how much I weigh, but I do hope to be here in the near future saying how much I did weigh, and how much I've lost since writing this very post.

Truth be told, every time I speak about losing weight, I somehow put weight on, it's like my fat inner is like ooh you're going on a diet, well make sure you fit in as many chocolate brownies and vanilla milkshakes as you can. Then I struggle, and I mean I really badly STRUGGLE to lose the weight that I've put on in the last few days, let alone the last few years.

It's the whole 'diet' thing, where did diet even come from? Break that word down and it's di - et or die-t that doesn't make sense to me, why do we call them diets? Why not something else!? 

It's also the MONEY that comes with dieting, sure you can get help and advice online for free but when it really comes down to it, it's a LOT of money, and I think in my mind, why would I spend this much money on a exercise class when a box of chocolates is nicer cheaper and makes me feel better!? Not that I've ever swapped a box of chocs for an exercise class, but trust me - the feeling is there all the time. Surely I'm not the only one who wants to lose weight and save money? Not lose weight and spend more money!?

I don't understand how a bag of bananas is more expensive than a bag of crisps or packet of cookies, when you're broke and on the breadline, what are you going to do? Get the cheaper version of bread which is the basic white bread!? Or go for the healthier bread, the di-et/die-t bread, the whole grain, fat free version? Erm no, just no.

I'm out here to lose weight, not money. 

So you got to improvise, Charlotte Crosby's exercise DVD looks amazing, you go girl! However so does the pound dvd that I found in my local charity shop with unknown people on the front cover! It saved me a few pounds in money, and helped me lose a few pounds in weight, the way things should be right!?

Of course nothing comes for free - or so they say, but what if some things we're free? Sure it may take you some time, time you most probably don't have, but it's saving you £££, money towards that new outfit you're dying to fit into! You know the outfit you purchased three years ago telling yourself it will be the outfit that spurs you on in your goal.

Whilst I've not been able to find someone willing to give me free gym classes, I have found some excellent resources online for free, and after amazingly losing four pounds without taking any exercise classes and everyone asking me how I've done it, I thought I'd share some of my not best kept secrets here, I really can't be bothered to copy and paste to person after person, and besides, at least more than just my Facebook buddies will benefit from a blog post! 

Tip One: Meal Planner Cards
These particular meal planner cards were created by whey protein suppliers Discount Supplements, and are just one of many that I've been using recently. Simply select an item from each row to create a nutritious and healthy smoothy, other cards include vegan and vegetarian options. If these cards don't tickle your fancy, why not have a go at making your own?

Tip Two: Plaster Your Kitchen
Don't literally go and call the nearest plastering firm in the Yellow Pages, because I'm not talking about that kind of plaster. Plastering my kitchen cupboards and fridge freezer with old pictures of my slimmer self has been helping me in a way of not opening the doors to reach for food. I'm not going to lie, it doesn't look very nice with random photo's blu tacked onto every cupboard containing food, but it helps in reminding yourself of the goal.

Tip Three: Reward Yourself.
Rewarding yourself is a very important part of the di-et/die-t, and who doesn't like to be rewarded? However, DON'T reward yourself with your favourite chocolate bar (mines a Milky Way Duo - what's yours!?), but instead treat yourself to a new book, a new CD, a new lipstick, bra, top etc. Don't reward yourself with the food you miss and crave, instead treat yourself with that, tip four below!

Tip Four: Treat Yourself.
Being on a diet (I'm actually not going to call it that anymore, I'm going to call it a weight journey as the more I see the word the more I get angry with it!) doesn't mean you can't eat your favourite fatty foods anymore, but it does mean you need to cut them out of your diet as much as you can. Once a month I plan to have a Milky Bar Duo as a treat to myself, not as a reward (step three) but simply as a treat! It's important to not get the two confused, a reward shouldn't be food, but a treat can be.

Tip Five: Work Hard, Play Harder and DON'T Give Up!
I'm a fine one to say the ending of the above line aren't I? However it's giving up time after time that has led me to this writing this post. I give up way too easily, and after a holiday I have planned in the summer holidays, it's time to get serious, otherwise I'll just get bigger and bigger, and more upset and disappointed with myself. I'm not happy with myself, but I know ONLY I can change that!

Do you have any tips to share that don't involve money? Please do leave me any of your 'free' tips below, I have over five stone to lose!

Jada x


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