Wednesday 15 June 2016

LIAR - Stop Insulting My Intelligence!!!

One of my biggest hates in life is the INSULT to my intelligence. 

When I say intelligence, I'm the first to admit that I'm not the cleverest, but I know beyond the basics, I applied for university but declined going further as other opportunities came up around the same time - and that's something I DON'T regret. After all, if this adventure ends, I can always apply for university later on in life, and that's the beauty of STUDYING - you're never too old, nor wise!

Some people don't seem to think that though, even though they can see I have respect, wisdom, values and morals to say the very least, they still think that they can bare face lie to me.

Sitting/standing there and telling me lie, after lie after lie.

Let's face it, once a liar, always a liar and don't let no one tell you anything different! 

Believe me, I've been there, I was told time after time that they was sorry, that they wouldn't do it again, that they PROMISE me things would change, that they swore on people's lives and dead peoples graves that lies would never e told again.

Liars only care about themselves.


Liar's don't care about hurting you.

Liars care about getting caught out.

If they're shedding tears, believe me its not because they've let you down or emotionally hurt you.

They're crying because their game isn't that strong - well how could it be when they've got caught out?

Liars never change, they just start changing the way they lie.

They know you know their body language, the way their pathetic and useless hands start to fidget, the way they can't look into your eyes and the way they run their hands through their hair.

They know they need to practise on that.

I imagine them standing in front of a mirror, lying about simple things like their age and name, getting more comfortable with the lies as they go on.

That's where another problem lays.

Liar's are so used to lying, they believe their own lies.

They know their age, but they've lied so many times they can't actually remember their real age, they've lied so many times about the kind of job they have, they don't know they're actually unemployed, they start to believe their own lies because so many lies are told.

Liars will never run out of lies.

Liars will never stop lying.

Liars love nothing but themselves - and lies.

Liars have no lives - unlike you.

Yes you do HAVE a life. Don't let anyone tell you any different!

Jada xx


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