Sunday 20 July 2014

Unique Young Mum presents, The Lego Movie Feature!

Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you're part of a team, everything is awesome when we're living our dream! Do you recognise that song? I'm hoping a lot of you are going yes, even the one's who are cutting some fine evils at their screen as they read this saying to themselves; ''are you kidding me, who doesn't know that song, my children sing it from morning to night, everything is awesome!''. If you don't know the song that means you've not watched The Lego Movie and I'm just sat here typing this like how could you NOT of watched The Lego Movie!?

Tomorrow, the 21st of July 2014 to be precise, just because it's Sunday today and a lot of us are dreading the Monday morning routine all over again, tomorrow is going to be a different Monday, tomorrow is the day that The Lego Movie is released on DVD! Can I get a whoop whoop!? Nope, okay, that's fine, you be a spoilsport! For the ones who are excited just as much as me and Spud, I salute you, hand to my head, and a high five through the screen!

If you or your children have not watched the movie already, I highly recommend it, not just because we're massive Lego fans over here in the Unique Young Mum household but just because the world is too serious and sometimes we need something to cheer us up! With the cast of Emmet, Unikitty, Wildstyle, Bad Cop/Good Cop, Benny, Batman, Lord Business/President Business, Abraham Lincoln, Green Lantern, Virtruvius and more, the movie is destined to bring at least one smile to your face!

Here's a sneak peak below, of what's coming up! I know Lego fans are on the verge of their seats here, I promise, you won't be waiting long!

The animation is something that surprises me entirely, getting bribed by puppy dog eyes and a few pleas of pleases, I treated Spud to a viewing of the movie on the first release date at the cinema's! We ended up going to see it three times in total, we've had what seemed to be an agonising wait for it's release onto DVD and BluRay but finally, the day is dawning upon us, with only hours to go, I can only hope one of the supermarkets have a copy left tomorrow after the morning school run! Otherwise, I'll be collecting a excited little boy from school, who's going to be extremely disappointed when I arrive empty handed!

I'll be reviewing the movie hopefully sometime during the first week of the school summer holidays, Spud breaks up on Friday 25th, so it will be the week commencing Monday 28th of July sometime! I could most probably review the movie now after watching it three times at the cinema's, but I'd rather re-jog my memory, and pick up on a few extra lyrics I'm unsure of!

To celebrate the launch of the most anticipated movie of the year, but in Spud's eyes the century, I'm going to be reviewing a different Lego Movie set over the next couple of weeks starting from tomorrow. Spud luckily has seven sets based on the movie, otherwise I would of had to go and purchase him another set tomorrow to stop my OCD demons getting involved!

I'll give you one more sneak peak of one of the sets we've got coming up during the feature long set of reviews, it's one of my favourites, can you tell why!?

If you're not a Lego fan, I understand, each to their own! I'll of course be posting about other stuff too including last minute gifts to present to the teachers!

Until tomorrow,
Jada x

P.S - Everything is awesome!!!


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