Friday 4 July 2014

Afternoon Tea & Pimms Fundraiser - Part One!

At the end of March this year, an extended family member was suddenly diagnosed with cancer, the lady in mention shall be called Mandy, within a few short weeks, Mandy was told by the team looking after her at the Royal Berkshire Hospital that her cancer was terminal. Please note, I am limited to what I say here, due to this post being easily accessible and found by Mandy's young daughter and nephew's and nieces!

As mentioned above, Mandy has a daughter, aged just 14, it's just Mandy and her daughter Ella* (name changed to protect identity) at home and Ella knows her mother's cancer is terminal. I cant imagine how Ella is feeling right now, and sadly did not have the courage to ask her at the event if she was okay, a simple how are you.

Don't get me wrong, I spoke to Ella, I said hello, we chatted about prizes and food, but the serious side of things was left, and I honestly believe it was the best thing, I don't know if and how many other's asked her about her mother - Mandy, who sadly was admitted into hospital just a few days before the fundraising event, and so I didn't want to be another person that she had to repeat the story too.

Again due to the big world wide web being so accessible, I'm very limited to what I can say, the fundraiser was in honour of Mandy and Ella. The money planned to be raised, and the amazing total we raised altogether has been passed onto Mandy, that was the plan all along, but sadly, the reason why we planned the fundraiser in the first place may not be possible to carry out.

However, every single penny, and there was hundreds of them raised, will be put by for Ella as she grows older and hopefully get Mandy and Ella on a few day trips together!

With the date set, and the raffle ticket books purchased, the two main organisers Julie and Paul Lewendon announced the plan to Mandy who was over the moon with all kinds of emotions about the day. Mandy could not of been grateful enough and was extremely excited to see the big day herself. Due to the sad circumstance of Mandy being rushed into hospital, Mandy missed the day, however, we have lot's of photo's and stories to share with her.

Cancer can affect anyone, anywhere and at any time, I am an ambassador for Lord Maurice Saatchi's #MedicalInnovationBill and I please ask that you all support the bill, too many lives are stolen from cancer each year. There are not enough survivors, every one should be a survivor, and a lot more then the current statistic rate!

We politely requested that children were strictly not to attend the event, we didn't know how the day was going to map out, and although Mandy would of looked fabulous in a wig or without, children are quite honest and can ask lot's of questions.

Pimms was also to be served, and there was going to be lot's going on, it wasn't as though we were all getting drunk, but with teapots filled with boiling water on each table and a hot water urn at the bar for anyone to access, it was in the best interest that children did not attend, there was also the fact of how emotional the day could potentially be.

The day, although not the same without Mandy being able to attend, and some last minute changes and even a near cancellation was a huge success. Everyone dug deep and in total a whopping £925 was raised for Mandy and Ella.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to every single company that donated raffle prizes and cakes! If it wasn't for you, we would not of raised so much, not even half as much because, quite simply, people would not of paid for the prizes and food we managed to provide by ourselves.

I also want to thank every single person who come to the day event, to the ones I didn't get to speak to, I was the girl (I'm actually 24, so maybe a lady, but that just doesn't sound right!), stood up most of the time, squinting due to the sun following my eyes everywhere, and taking hundreds of photo's!

I was also the one blushing when Julie done her three speeches, and thanked me over and over. I appreciate every one's kind comments and thank you's, the fundraiser was for an amazing woman, but one I wish I didn't have to do! I'm sure we'll all agree that although most of us left with a prize or two, we'd rather still have Mandy here, safe and healthy!

For all those pictures you've all been waiting for, please do read the second half of this post, which is coming very soon!

With grateful thanks,
Jada otherwise known as Jade.


P.S - To Mandy, if you get to read this, I'm sorry we couldn't meet at the event, I won't say I hope you're well, because, well I just won't. I want you to know that I'm thinking of you, and only hope and pray for a miracle. You've touched the hearts of many, and I only wish thing's were different. Ella is beautiful, and will always, always be looked after, a true credit to you indeed.

Take care, and don't worry about the future xx


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