Wednesday 30 July 2014

LEGO® 70801 Review: Melting Room

In The Lego Movie, which I'm hoping you've all seen by now, if not don't worry, the movie was only released onto DVD and Blu-ray last week, I would however recommend you go and get it before the weekend, I'm pretty sure it's going to be a sell out! Back to what I was saying, in The Lego Movie, the Melting Chamber is where Emmet and Wildstyle first meet. This set is based on that scene, where we see Wildstyle go all crazy and wild to rescue Emmet, or maybe the Piece of Resistance!

Danger! Emmet has been captured by Lord Business' Robo Police, who've taken him to the Melting Room. A Robo SWAT has chained and cuffed Emmet to a tilting, rotating laser machine and is trying to zap the Piece of Resistance from his back using a huge adjustable laser. Help Wyldstyle slip into the Melting Room undetected, smash through the chains with the axe, and free Emmet.

A few days ago I reviewed Cloud Cuckoo Land and couldn't of been more happier with the colours, I don't think I was speaking from a female perspective, but from many people's point of view, the set is really colourful and really appealing! The Melting Room set which I'm reviewing here seem's to be very dull and morbid colours, apart from the odd flashes of red, the set is almost entirely grey and black.
As always the set comes with a set of instructions to help you via a step by step guide on how to make three bags of various sized bricks into a set! This set took Spud 20 minutes to build, and some help from mummy to clip some pieces into place. The picture quality below is bad, the booklet is dark, but not this dark!
So again, like yesterday, I'll start off with the characters! The Melting Room contains three characters of which all three are mini figures. We have Emmet, but a different one to the one mentioned yesterday, Wildstyle who is again different to yesterday's Wildstyle and Robo SWAT.

Robo SWAT has a rather unique Lego face, instead of the most common yellow and peach heads, the Robo SWAT is silver, in true robot style imaging! Robo SWAT carries around a gun, Emmet gets locked in with some handcuffs and Wildstyle rescue's Emmet with her axe! Robo SWAT has the enemy SWAT uniform on and sports a black cap.
Again, like yesterday, both Emmet and Wildstyle have two faces! Emmet can be found looking stern and smug, or really worried, he has his signature hair, his uniform and the much desired Piece of Resistance upon his back. Wildstyle is not that much different from yesterday's look, apart from her rather cool hood!

The set features a high-tech tilting and rotating laser machine with a control dashboard and adjustable laser, the plan is to laser the much desired red Piece of Resistance off of Emmet's back, but luckily Wildstyle comes to the rescue, defeats the Robo SWATs and Bad Cop is left seething from their escape!

The set isn't very appealing to me, a big Lego and The Lego Movie fan I just don't think it's my kind of personal preference set. Spud however, who's reviews do count the most, as from a child's perspective loves the set and is using the laser on more then just his Lego, he's been using the layer on lot's of mummy's items too, and forgetting where the had put them!
Based on the price of RRP £11.99, I think the set is worth it, you do pay for what you get and although little, the characters alone are worth purchasing the set for!
Luckily this is another set that doesn't require stickers for the controls as they're already pre-printed bricks. It's just a shame not all Lego sets contain no stickers, I have the world's most silliest unsteady hands I think, and always manage to ruin that part!
The Melting Room is not the smallest sets from The Lego Movie range, it is however the second smallest. Albeit small, the rotating possibility on the stand and the laser is quite realistic, not that I'd know as every time I speak to Emmet and Wildstyle they completely ignore me ;).
The Lego Movie is out now on DVD and Blu-Ray and includes a child's free ticket to Legoland inside.

Also don't forget to check back for our day three of The Lego Movie set feature reveal!

Jada x

P.S - Everything is awesome!

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