Sunday 9 March 2014

Toy Story Of Terror Exclusive DVD Review

I know I say it all the time, but I can't miss it out because it's deep within our veins and a true love of both me and Spud, seeing as we are both Disney obsessed, when Sainsbury's got in touch to see if me and Spud (see how I added me in there!?) would love to review the new Toy Story of Terror on DVD, how on earth could I ever refuse!?

See the border, the curtains the bedding set and Buzz?
Seeing the adverts on our television subscription package of the Toy Story of Terror movie upset both Spud and myself because it was only available to Sky customers. Some maybe argue they don't have a Sainsbury's near them, but Sainsbury's is nationwide and also sell their entertainment ranges online! It was very dissapointing, Spud is quite a big fan of Toy Story, all his bedroom is even done up all Toy Story style!

I actually prefer to shop online with Sainsbury's because they stock so much more than my local stores, it's understandable, if they stocked every single item they sold in every single store they would need some extra large supersize store covering a whole farmers land!

Anyway, back to the movie, I was a young child myself when Toy Story come out, that was the very first one, it wasn't called Toy Story one, and there was no clues to suggest that a number two would pop along a few years later. I was just five years old when the first Toy Story come out, nine when the second come out and 20 when the third come out! Spud was not born for neither the first or second, however at just three years old, he got to witness the wonderful sights of Disney Pixar by watching Toy Story 3.

Toy Story of Terror is a 21 minute short film set just after Toy Story 3, if you've not watched any of the Toy Story movies, I suggest you do so! You seriously have no idea on what you're missing! The Toy Story gang can be seen travelling on a spooky adventure, whilst on their road trip, the toys experience a flat tyre which causes Bonnie and her mum to reluctantly spend a night in a haunted hotel along with all the toys of course!

When the toys start mysteriously disappearing one by one, it's down to the remaining toy friends to find out who is behind the mysterious disappearances. Cowgirl Jessie, whom I like to call Woody's girlfriend - a character who was introduced in Toy Story 2 has to swap her cowboy hat for her detective hat to investigate who's behind the strange disappearances!

True to Toy Story style, the movie is full of great animation and a real work of art. Characters from previous Toy Story films can be seen on pieces of paper and even on headstones at a grave yard. Disney Pixar have really put their work in and made a fantastic mini movie here.

The only disadvantage to the movie is it's short running time of 21 minutes, we are huge Disney fans and a little over 20 minutes is simply not enough! Will there be a Toy Story of Terror 2? Or even a Toy Story 4? We hope so!

Toy Story of Terror is available to buy exclusively from Sainsbury's stores nationwide and online at for a very modest £5. For all the Disney fans, your also be pleased to hear the movie comes with 100 Disney Movie Reward points!

Until next time,
Jada x 


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