Wednesday 26 March 2014

Memorable Mother’s Day Wish

Receiving a email from the lovely team over at my favourite skincare/beauty brand Johnsons about the perfect wish this Mother's Day got me thinking of what mine would be. This year, Mother's Day falls on Sunday 30th March, on Sunday 30th March 2014, my beautiful prince turns eight, so this Mother's Day, it's truly is going to be a extra special day by celebrating two events in one!

Being a single parent, I always buy myself a present and card for Spud to gift to me, I have to help him wrap my present and also write in my card. I know it may seem pointless to spend money on myself, to help myself then wrap the gift up and write my own card, but it's a sad day when you see all the other mother's celebrating it whilst knowing you're not, so for me, it's the only thing to do.

I think if I could have one wish, I would wish for someone to buy me a card, or just to help Spud pick a card himself, and a gift, I can pay, the money doesn't bother me. I know wishes can't always come true, not that easy anyway though so instead I will wait till the day he's old enough and earning his own money to treat his mummy.

The makers of JOHNSON’S® Baby are asking mums to share their ‘Memorable Mother’s Day Wishes’ on their Facebook page, and are offering them the chance to download a special note that they can share with their family ahead of the big day. The JOHNSON’S® Baby brand knows that mums cherish special moments with their children, and the ‘Memorable Mother’s Day Wish’ will help them to create a new memory they will remember for years to come. 

A spokesperson for the JOHNSON’S® Baby brand said: “Mum’s are known for their selfless nature, so it’s no surprise that they aren’t looking for pricey presents to make them happy on Mother’s Day. What they really want is to create another moment that they can treasure forever, one that only a child can give. By making the effort to spend time together, or by getting the kids to make mum a card, it’s really easy to not only put a big smile on her face, but also show her just how much she means to everyone.”

The new survey, which has been commissioned by the brand to help make ‘Memorable Mother’s Day Wishes’ come true, has produced a list of the top 10 things that will make mums happy this Mother’s Day.

What Mums usually get
Their Memorable Mother’s Day Wishes
1. A Bunch of flowers
1. Having lunch together as a family
2. A hug from their children
2. A hug from the children
3. A box of chocolates
3. More time together as a family
4. Having lunch together as a family
4. A bunch of flowers
5. A handmade card
5. A handmade card
6.More time together as a family
6. Voucher for my favourite shop
7.Relaxing bath products
7. A bottle of my favourite perfume
8. A bottle of my favourite perfume
8. Making me breakfast in bed
9. A book
9. Homemade gift
10. Making me Breakfast in bed
10. A book

As the leading baby skincare brand, the makers of JOHNSON’S® Baby knows that precious moments with your children are the best part in any parent’s life. They’re fun, they’re special and they’re worth sharing. The JOHNSON’S® Baby brand encourages all mums to celebrate and enjoy the Big Little Moments which make being a mum special – from their first smile to playing during bath time.

Mums who would also prefer family time over chocolates this year can download and share their own ‘Memorable Mother’s Day Wish’ by visiting the JOHNSON’S® Baby Facebook page

I'd also love to hear of your wishes for Mother's Day! Please do feel free to leave a comment below!

Jada x


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