Tuesday 16 April 2013

Why's It Took 7 Years Doc?

Some of you may remember me mentioning Spud's hernia operation in his 7th Birthday letter I wrote to him here, if not, if this post makes no sense to you, I really do recommend you reading that post first, otherwise this post may seem like I'm talking another language. Briefly, Spud had a emergency hernia operation when he was 3 weeks old, my local hospital (which I am truly grateful for I am) couldn't operate on Spud as he was born 7 weeks early (at 33 weeks) weighing a small and very tiny 4lb at birth, still at 3 weeks old weighed a very small 4.3lbs, being under 5lb in weight, my local hospital couldn't operate on him. Spud was rushed via ambulance to John Radcliffe Hospital, a hospital I say thanks to on a daily basis, for they saved Spud and also my cousin in 2011 (for legal reasons I can't talk about this incident) who was on death doors.

On leaving John Radcliffe, sometime in April 2006, I was told the discharge procedure, I was told one of Spud's two testicles was still lodged up high and had not proceeded to drop into the testicle sack, I was told to regularly check for the second testicle to drop, and that if it had not dropped within 2 weeks to take Spud to our doctors. Well the second testicle didn't drop, and never has, I took Spud to the doctor's when he was around 5-6 weeks old, 2 weeks after his operation, I told them about the missing testicle, I carried on telling them about his missing testicle at every opportuntiy, his 6, 12 and 18 month check ups, with the childhood illnesses he had that led to us needing a doctor's appointment, I told them at every chance possible. 

Spud's 7 now, my perfect beautiful little boy, my life, my entire world, the reason why I smile through what ever rubbish (I've written this sentence plenty of times, I really want to write where rubbish sits a swear word beginning with s and ending with t!!) life throws at me, the child I couldn't be more proud of, to not care about others children who are so good at this they get medals, who go to sleep in a perfect routine every night, who is excellent at this, that and this, I couldn't care less, I'll argue with you till the pigs fly, my son's excellent, perfect, amazing, beautiful and best of all he's all mine. If the sperm donor favours his other off spring before the child that keeps him in this country then so let him, he's the one who misses out,day in and day out, because our MY child is perfect to me.

But the doctor's would argue otherwise you see, the very same doctor;s who I've been telling for the last 7 years, now they want to listen, now they want to take action, the trip started with a cure for tonsilitus, next Spud's being reffered to the hospital! Baffling and confusing, your telling me! On Sunday, Spud become very clingy with a temperature of 39.3, I immediately stripped him down to his vest and pants and gave him calpol, Spud was very clearly not well, changing from a happy energetic little bouncing bean to a poorly prince who just wanted to lay down and cuddle his Mummy all day . On stripping Spud down, he started shivering and shaking, crying he was cold, crying he wanted a blanket, you feel evil don't you!? You know for the best, your child needs cooling down asap, you want to place a cold flannel on their foreheads, strip them down to their underwear and open every window in the property, but the infection that has decided to kidnap your child's body is confusing your child, the body naturally tries to fight the infection, that's making your child so hot, but your child develops a fever and think's their freezing cold, a catch 22, the time you close your eyes and wish it was you taking the infection instead.

Monday morning comes, I originally had my alarm set for 7am, it was meant to be Spud's first day back to school after having the Easter holidays off, he couldn't wait to return to school, couldn't wait to tell his friends about Easter, Chesington, Lego, our holiday, Lego, the train rides he's been on, Lego, Lego and more Lego, but that horrid infection has prevented this, whilst not Spud's fault but the infection had kept us up most of the night, sore throat, ear aches, head aches and feeling sick, so the alarm got moved back an hour to 8am, no way was Spud to go to school in his condition plus being majorly tired. I got an emergency doctor's appointment, Spud was given the doctor's diagnosis of tonsillitis and a ear infection and whilst there, I once again mentioned the second testicle missing and once again Spud was examined on the DR's bed only this time, the DR told me something I had not heard before, in 7 years of telling these DR's that something was not right, this particular DR agreed.

I'm sending a referral to the hospital the DR said, I held Spud's hand as the doc pressed down, moved around and tried unsuccessfully to find Spuds second missing testicle, ''and you've never seen it?'' the doc asked me twice, never I replied, hence why I've told every DR I've seen. Only this appointment was an emergency appointment, and we managed to get in with the head doctor, finally we have a lead, somewhere to start, after the DR couldn't find the second testicle, instead of telling us like the other DR's it was fine, the DR has referred Spud to the local hospital for a ultra sound. 

Why oh why has it took 7 years I'd like to know, for now, that can wait, I am just happy that after 7 years of waiting we have finally got somewhere. For now we wait patiently for an appointment letter to arrive from the hospital, we wait and see what the verdict is. To be honest I don't know what happens next, I do however have a list of questions I'd like to be answered.

I'd love to hear from anyone else in a similar experience? Please do leave a comment or get in touch.

Jade xx


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