Wednesday 24 April 2013

The Sunshine Sure Does Bring Happiness!

Hello my lovelies, I hope you've all been well and enjoying the beautiful sunshine that come and blessed us yesterday ? Ohh and half of today too of course, it's still out now, beaming beautifully, although today the sun is not as strong and it's not as hot as yesterday, it's still lovely to see some sun ay!? 

Everywhere I have been over the couple of days, everyone everywhere seem's happier, random smiles from strangers who may once look down at the ground or avoid eye contact, kids are out playing without coats on their lunch at school, Mum's rush to the supermarkets and buy sun cream, ice pops and other 'quick the sun is out' essentials. How I wish I had a garden, whilst shopping today I would of so purchased items for a BBQ for our dinner!

I took Spud's scooter to school with me in the afternoon, he come running out with his coat on saying you brought my scooter yayyy, I told him to take his coat off, I'm surprised his teacher let him leave with it on in this heat, I had to take it with me this morning though as it was so cold!

He scooted all the way back home, apart from roads of course, and he is now playing with his toys, Horrid Henry on the tv, windows open and a nice breeze passing through our home, ice pop left melting in a bowl, but all I can do is smile, one quick look at the sun and I forget about the hoovering that need's doing, the work which I should be doing, thank gosh I work from home and for myself, I can quikly catch up with lost work when Spud's in bed later.

Yesterday me and Spud went to the park about 20 miles away with our cousins, then we ended up at the Hungry Horse, our faviourite family pub where we had dinner in the garden, it was lovely! I also finalised my party next Saturday, the DJ and venue is all sorted, I'm excited!!

Well I'm off now, I may walk across to the park nearer to us, or even just go for a walk, as for all we know it could be raining tomorrow!

Until next time,
Jade x


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