Tuesday 23 April 2013

Everyone Loves A Good Excuse To Dress Up!

It's my Birthday on Friday (the 26th) how old are you I here you say?

 Well I'm 22 at the moment, I will be tomorrow and Thursday too, but come Friday, that 2 at the end of 22 will change to a 3 making me 23, I'm excited because this year, unlike my boring night in alone last year, and my disastrous 21st, I'm celebrating!! Waheyy. 

Image source: The Spice Oven
My actual Birthday is on Friday as mentioned, on Friday I plan to go to my favourite local restaurant The Spice Oven a beautiful Indian/Chinese and plenty of desert buffet style restaurant with my family, I was going to include friends but I figured I'll let them save as much money as possible ready for our wacky and hopefully amazing night out the following night on Saturday!

I know I was not born in the 80’s, but I’m sure a lot of you have seen The Carrie Diaries, right?

Image source: Wikimedia
It would be super fun if my friends and I all dressed up in in fancy dress costumes from the 80’s and went out for a girls night on the town Saturday. I don’t know anyone that I could borrow any 80’s outfits from, I'm not sure anyone has any 80's outfits anymore, but It seems pretty easy to just find a lot of colourful mismatched items together and call it the 80’s..haha!

Otherwise, a friend of mine told me that they've used this online store called Fancy Dress Ball, as they’re quite cheap and have a lot to choose from as well. 

Image source: Fancy Dress Ball

I could for instance get this wacky outfit for example for less than 20 quid…easy peasy! The hard part would probably be to get my friends to don this garb as well…I don’t want to be the only one looking crazy, now do i…? I have some pleading to do I think!

On the Sunday I plan to get my good friends together and let them slave away in the kitchen cooking me a lovely roast dinner, I joke :) Ahh how it would be lovely to just lay on the sofa being cooked dinner for! 

Wishful thinking hey! 

Instead, my closest friends are coming around for a come 'wine' with me, they will be wined and dined in my home, the Disney movies will be playing away, hopefully a new one will be the first to be played as I have added the Sleeping Beauty to my Birthday wish list.

Image source: Disney
I hope one of my friends love me enough to get me it! They can share my chocolates with me, I promise!!

I am off to enjoy the sun now, whilst it last, hopefully it doesn't rain for my Birthday!! 

Jade x


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