Sunday 27 January 2013

Money Saving - Cinema Ticket's For £1.75 Each

Yes that's right, Cinema tickets for £1.75 each, that's for adults as well as children! Want to know the catch? Well there isn't one really, I will bullet point the main info within this post though! When a friend asked me if me and Spud would like to go to the cinema with her and her little girl back in 2010, I really wanted to go but I couldn't, I was broke with literally £10 left in my bank, I told my friend the reason why we couldn't attend and was absolutely shocked when she told me about Kids AM.

Read on for the all the info your need!
Kids AM is a scheme run at VUE cinema's nationwide, every Saturday, Sunday and school holidays at 10:00am and/or 10:30am VUE cinema's will have a children's film or maybe even a choice of 2 films showing, each ticket whether your an adult or a child cost £1.75. Children must be accompanied by a adult though, well as far as I'm aware! There is no maximum amount of tickets you can buy, although I will advise if you was taking a large amount of children to pre-book your tickets or even pop into your local VUE and buy the tickets before the day as tickets do get sold very quickly on the day of the showing.

At my local VUE cinema - Reading, 9 times out of 10 there will be a choice of 2 films we can watch, one staring at 10:00am and one starting at 10:30am. I have arrived at the cinema plenty of times and been told there is no tickets left or separated seats which of course is no good for a Mother and her child so little Spud has been left disappointed. I now tend to pop into the cinema during the week and buy mine and Spud's ticket there and then ready for the day, this also beats queuing with the kids who can become impatient!

3D? Luxury seats
Want to watch a 3D movie? No problem, although they do cost an extra £1.25 per ticket (£3 each) which is still a bargain price. Although you can't choose the latest releases, the Kids AM scheme is quite good with the choices they have on offer, they normally wait until a kids film has left the main cinema box office and then move it to Kids AM. So me being the bargain hunter I am, ask Spud nicely if he can wait a few weeks to watch the latest film out because 9 times out of 10 they do make Kids AM and I have saved myself a good amount of money!

Luxury seats are also available to have, I am aware that this also has an extra cost, I am just not sure how much more as I have never had a problem with the normal seats to want to upgrade!

Worried about your child being too small?
If your worried your child is too small to see the screen on what may seem like huge cinema chairs I really wouldn't worry, VUE have booster seats especially for the kids! Meaning your child and yourself can sit comfortably and be able to see the film without climbing onto your lap to see the screen properly!

Worried your child is a fidget and toddler may cry? I wouldn't worry, this is exactly what Kids AM is for, KIDS. Children make noise, they whine, they laugh, they cry. Your getting access to the cinema at a massive discount price, you really can't complain, the kids will love it and so will your purse!

Films generally change weekly/fortnightly, I would recommend you find out specific information for your nearest VUE as every one may be different.

Below is just some of the films me and Spud have watched with the Kids AM scheme.

Disney Pixar Up
Disney Pixar Cars 2
Alvin & The Chipmunks - Shipwrecked
Disney Enchanted
Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs
Astro Boy

Worried about the cost of cinema food?
Did you know VUE allow cinema customers to bring their own food into their cinema's? No? Well neither did I until I started this post and checked their Facebook page. As long as its not alcoholic or overly strong smelling then VUE are ok with you taking your own food in, so no stuffing food into your bags, which I have done plenty of times, although I won't be doing that now I know!
Conditions That I am aware of:
All adults must be accompanied by at least 1 child.
Pre-booking tickets online means you will have to pay a card handling fee which is about £2ish from what I can remember.

Have Fun!
Remember I am posting this information from my own knowledge of visiting Kids AM, so none of this information in this post should be taken for granted. I would advise you to check out your local VUE cinema and double check they have the Kids AM scheme running and for times and films available including prices! In my town we only have a VUE and Showcase but I am aware Odeon and Cineworld do cinema schemes so check out your local cinema and see what bargains you can pick up!

I would love to hear your views! Maybe you can do what I do, surprise your kids, don't tell them where you are off too and let them guess! Kids love surprises, well Spud does! I love seeing his face light up when he realises where we are off too!

Until next time,
Jade x


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