Wednesday 23 January 2013

I'm Back!!!

For the last week I have felt like a little child waiting for Christmas day to arrive, I don't think I've ever gone so long without internet!! I have been away from my blog for what seems like forever! It feels so good right now, to be writing this post from MY laptop in my front room with a good internet connection! There has been delay after delay in getting a connection back up and running, I honestly started to lose hope that I would even have an internet connection by the end of January! The snow hasn't been the best help either, but anyways I am back!! This time I am not going anywhere!

Laptop with a notebook beside it.

It's funny because sitting next to me is my diary and at the back of my diary in the notes section I wrote down things I wanted to talk about on my blog, but right now it just seems crazy to talk about them! I'm sat here with a big smile on my face still not believing I am writing a post that will be published with a click of a button, good times!

I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to my loyal readers and followers for when I was away you didn't leave, you messaged, emailed, tweeted asking if myself and Spud were ok etc, thank you! I will not be going away like this ever again! Well, maybe when I'm on holiday but that will be a week maximum!

Talking about holidays, the Christmas holiday seems like it was month's ago now, the snow came a bit too late didn't it! I wonder if we will ever have a white Christmas? The snow won't stop falling and is being a total nuisance! I'm not a moany person normally, I love snow at first, it's pretty, it's soft and fluffy but then it melts, then it freezes and turns to ice, then I walk on it and fall over! Yep last week I fell onto my bum and every time I tried getting back up I couldn't, I just kept slipping back down, in the end, I had to get onto my knee's and get up slowly, thank gosh the road I was on only had me and my friend walking on it at the time!

I've gone and joined the gym haven't I! I'm also doing the Weight Watchers diet, I lost 5lb in my first week but this snow has just made me gone off the rails and I have been quite naughty! Now I'm back to blogging I hope all the catching up I have got to do will keep me away from all the lovely treats sitting in the kitchen, Spud's not a big chocolate fan at all and still has loads of selection boxes and chocolate leftover, its temptation at its best, this is the time I really need the most will power! I want to be a lot slimmer for the summer, I've put on so much weight over the last 2 years I really have not been happy about it! I've joined up for an 18-month contract at the gym costing £30 a month so I have no choice but to go! I can't afford to lose £30 a month for a membership I won't use! Wish me luck!!

Spud's doing great, he had a fantastic Christmas and I managed to get him everything apart from the Jake and the Neverlands Pirate boat, he loves his Innotab 2 and doesn't go a day without going on it! Of course his favourite game to play on it is the Mickey Mouse one I purchased to go with it, every now and again he will put the Disney Cars one on but his love for Mickey overpowers everything! I can't believe he is going to be 7 in a few months! My little Prince will be 7, that sounds crazy!! 

Well, I best get off and do some housework then I need to go shopping, diet food is calling me I am starting again from today after a very bad weekend!

I will be back on later trying to get a new layout up! Christmas is so over now! The blog is in need of a makeover!

Jade xx


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