Thursday 24 January 2013

My Most Random Post To Date!

Phew I finally managed to get rid of the Christmas theme, I have put a basic one back up for now as the layout is the last thing on my mind at the moment to be honest! I have a few reviews to write up which I'm looking forward to sharing with you all and some exciting (well they are to me lol) post to write. Sadly I have had to say goodbye to Company Of The Month (COTM) it got a bit to competitive and wasn't being used the way I originally planned, anyways now I don't have to do that I can now concentrate on better things =D. No one has to worry though, I will still be working with the fabulous companies I am currently working with, and hopefully past and present companies too. For those of you who wasn't familiar with COTM it was a page where I yes ME choose a company to be a star company for a month, they was small independent companies that I personally loved! I gathered a bit of background information from the companies and then there info. logo, pictures etc with a link stayed on the COTM page for one month, then a new company was chosen. I will still introduce you all too the fabulous companies I love, if and when I have time.

I lost 5lb in my first week of dieting/gym, it was one of my new years resolutions but I didn't start it until 2 weeks ago! Today (Thursday) was meant to be my weigh in day, but I was too chicken to go get weighed in fear of me putting the 5lb back on as I have had a bad week! Dieting can be rubbish, but at least with Weight Watchers I can eat what I want just in moderation, for any fellow Weight Watchers out there did you know a Cadbury's Crunchie is only 5 points? Mmm!

I finally got around to sorting out my emails today, well I say sorting out but it wasn't really that at all, what I should of said was I finally plucked up the courage to peek at my inbox today, I deleted all the 'junk' and kept the other messages unread. I really must take an hour or maybe 2 hours out later tonight to reply to the lovely companies who are awaiting replies from me!

Does anyone else watch Celebrity Big Brother? If you do I'm #TeamRylan I loved him since the X-Factor days and have been wishing his success in CBB ever since the first night! I really do hope the public have seen a different side to him, the real side. On the X-Factor I felt like he was shown up by Nicole for his song and costume choices and by Gary who in my opinion did embarrass Rylan. With Gary Barlow being such a 'huge' icon (not that I can see how!) the public sided with him imo, but now he's been in CBB I think the public have fell in love with him!

One more thing before I go, me and the lovely Rachel from Blogging Mummy have decided we are deffo going to Brit Mums 2013! I am in the process of buying a ticket and I can't wait for my first big blogging event! 

I would love for my readers/visitors to get in touch and tell me of any of there new years resolutions! Maybe we can urge each other on or even share tips!

I have tons of other stuff to write about and I am totally aware that this post may of been the most random post since I started blogging but as I've been away from the blogging world for so long its just all spiraling out in little bits lol, well I'm off to dish up the dinner.

Speak soon,
Jade xx


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