Tuesday 3 November 2020

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We may only be in November, but I'm so ready for Christmas right now! I'm eagerly waiting for the radio to be playing back to back Christmas songs, or even a few will do! I'm ready to watch Christmas movies, and I've even started buying gifts - only stocking fillers, but still - I'm making a move.

A Christmas tree glows in between another tree.

When it comes to getting the Christmas tree and decorations up, I have always stuck to tradition and put them up 12 days before Christmas, and taking them down 12 days after Christmas, however after the year we have all had - I'm ready to get them up NOW!

Unfortunately, I can't get them up right this minute, or even today - in fact, not even this week (boo!) however, I hope to get them around the 14th of November! Something I never ever thought I would say!

I will openly admit, that in the past, I have secretly thought people have got their decorations up way too early! This year though - every rule goes out the window right? It's 2020 after all.

I feel like behind the whole situation we're in (we're currently waiting for Lockdown round 2!) there is a message out there, well a few messages. Life is not only too short, but it's precious too! Whilst we all knew this already, I think the whole situation has certainly reminded us how important life is, and I'm going to make the most of this Christmas for sure!

Christmas was so different when I was a child, I'm 30 now, and everything is just so different! As much as technology has improved massively, sometimes I miss the old days, the days without too much technology! I miss the Christmases I used to have - and the Christmases my son has never really experienced.

I will be the first to admit, that I have let Christmas become quite a normal day, besides all the food, and all the presents. When I was younger, me, my siblings and our parents would spend quality time together over Christmas, we would spend hours watching Christmas movies together, doing different Christmas arts and crafts, and other activities, and even playing board games.

At home, my home - we don't do this. Spud opens his presents, and then flies straight up to his room to play with his new video games usually! He will come back down for dinner, but besides that, we hardly see each other - on Christmas day! I try and coax the board games out, and suggest a family movie - but understandably he just wants to play his new games that Santa has brought him - it's childlike and he's not doing anything wrong, I just yearn for the Christmases I once had.

We make up for Christmas activities all throughout December, fitting in visits to Santa and the pantomime, along with meeting up with our home ed family and friends for parties, meetups and Christmas activities, but once we're home - it's mainly me who's in the Christmas spirit, only because I'm the only one - I soon find myself on my phone, or watching non-Christmas related things!

Christmas comes around once a year, yet there I am - doing non-Christmassy stuff! I don't think I got out of my pyjamas last Christmas, and I was certainly the only one to wear my hat out of the cracker - something else I'm just not used to! When I was younger, I was surrounded by my siblings and parents, each of us pulling crackers over the dinner table, reading out jokes, arguing over the contents of the crackers, and even which coloured hat we wanted - I get none of that at home.

Sometimes I wonder if I have denied Spud the right to so many things when it comes to being an only child, but nature works how it wants to work, and that opportunity never came again - not at the right time anyway - but the sibling/baby talk can be left for another day, I'm drifting away from the subject aren't I!

Getting back to Christmas - this year I am going to try my hardest to make it the most magical Christmas ever! We may not be going to see Santa, and we may not be having our annual Panto Christmas trip, but I will find things to do at home if needed, and I will make it the most magical Christmas we've had in a very long time!

Stay safe everyone,
Jada x


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