Saturday 11 February 2017

Moving Tips From Experts

There are numerous moving recommendations for every occasion. but especially valuable tips are those, given by experienced people who experienced relocation far more than once! Think about it, who's advice would you listen to more, a friend who's moved once in their life, or a friend who's moved numerous amount of times? I'm guessing the latter.

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I've moved a few times since adulthood, and must admit with each move you do pick up tips and tricks and know what makes a move go smoothly, or rather what doesn't make a move go smoothly. However, I'm not no professional and still always end up searching the web for information or calling my parents to make sure I've got everything covered and I've done things right!

So here are the main moving tips for beginners, or even those who've moved a few times and haven't quite yet got to grips with how to handle moving pleasantly from the experts!

Start planning in advance - Organisation of the whole moving process is time-consuming. Packing takes more time than one can think; notifying utility and bank services, deep cleaning and even looking for requires responsible attitude and time.

Keep only stuff you need and get rid of everything useless: Moving is the ideal time for you to have a sort out, sort out separate boxes for different items, have a box that you can donate to charity, a box of items you can sell and a box of items that need to be thrown away. It's important to declutter your house before moving as it will be much easier to travel, and then you won't have the added stress of sorting items out once you're into your new property.

Labelling boxes is a must. Indicate the room it belongs to and this will save you a lot of time while unpacking at your new property. Pack room by room, and only after you finish one room should you go to the next. If you ignore this step, all your belongings may be mixed up in different boxes and it will make the unpacking not only stressful, but time consuming too.

Contain smaller boxes with small objects in bigger boxes or else they may get lost.

Keep important papers and personal financial information closer to you in a separate colourful folder. Think about keeping it in your handbag or car's glove compartment.

Think about addressing third parties for more complete insurance.

Pack a box of essential with basic stuff for yourself and your family for the first few nights at new house, and don't make the mistake I did of packing the kettle, tea, coffee and sugar canisters away with the rest of my kitchen items!

Before uploading boxes to the moving truck, make a list of every box and large unboxed items you have. This list will be invaluable if you are dealing with long-distance moves and especially if your belongings will be transferred to a storage facility!

Use large rubbish bags for packing fabrics such as clothes, towels and other soft items like sofa cushions, throws and the children's teddies.

Lastly, lets not forget those: Essential Packing Tips

As mentioned above, it's very important to only pack one room away at a time, this not only makes sure that there won't be any mess, but it also ensures items aren't mixed together.

Kitchenware and ornaments require special packaging, and these particular groups of items will require special handling, especially glassware and china!

Glassware and china should be packed carefully into corrugated boxes, with cellular dividers and each item wrapped individually in bubble wrap.

Cookware and bakeware pieces such as kitchen tools, pots and pans are easier to pack, and can be protected with bubble wrap along with packing paper. Use smaller boxes to pack these items as not only will they be lighter to carry, but they'll also be easier to transport making the risk of dropping and damaging them even lesser.

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