Tuesday 7 February 2017

A Guide to Flirting Online: 15 Steps You Need To Know.

With Valentine's Day soon approaching, I thought it would be good to do a post for singletons looking for company, or even singletons who're looking for a new loving relationship. Nowadays, dating opportunities are unrestricted. There are events for singletons to attend, mobile apps, and even traveling initiatives for those who are in searches of a partner, but how should you act when you meet single girls on a dating site? Or men of course!

Before I bumped into Gareth, I tried the online dating scene and was surprised on a frequent basis, due to the way potential matches introduced themselves to me. If you're single, on the online dating scene and ready to mingle, then this post will certainly help you if you follow the steps below.

1. Work on your self-introduction
The very first thing to do is to get a compelling profile. It should contain all the important details of your personality and present you visually – pick the best, most recent and realistic photo and write about your strengths and weaknesses! 

2. Display sincerity
Wearing a mask is a huge no-no! If you are into live meetings rather than into online chatting, you need to prepare your matches for potential in-person dates. Be yourself and fell comfortable about it, after all you're you and no one can change who you're!

3. Get keen
Nothing evokes a woman’s interest toward a man better than his willingness to get to know her. Ask follow-up questions, discuss things that matter, search for common interests etc – and her attention is yours.

4. Use her name
This simple trick helps you to get closer to her attention. It just raises the degree of intimacy: you show you wish to establish the connection this way. After a while calling each other pet names like hun and babe can be introduced, but for now - stick with the obvious. 

5. Act like a lady/gentleman
It’s impossible to succeed without being chivalrous. Yes, modern girls still need it from men. Say “hello” and “good-bye”, pay compliments, and be correct towards her/him regardless of the discussion topic.

6. Go to other social media
If your match has nothing against Facebooking you, suggest it! Online dating services provide all the necessary options for communication, however, you are free to dig deeper when it’s time.

7. Add emoticons
To emphasize your mood, use emoticons or emojis so she will see what exactly you feel – sometimes, there are additional connotations you encode in your speech. Likewise, the air gets more playful.

8. Challenge your match
You aren’t the one who is about to fawn around your partner: she should also participate in this game. Make her respond to your playful jokes so she will be able to show more of her essence, but do it carefully or she might be offended.

9. Vary the tone
Don’t make your conversation monotonous, tackle big subjects as well as trivia. Besides, jokes are needed especially for women as apparently we tend to fall in love with those who possess a funny bone - Gareth certainly has this!

10. Take the initiative
Approaching a potential suitor on the Internet is definitely easier than doing it in real life – no one knows your weak points so you should feel more confident. However this also means you are supposed to make the first moves first, I personally always waited for people to approach me, I lack in confidence - unless I've had a few ;)

11. Don’t invade their personal space
Some topics are unsafe to discuss with a new interest since they may push them away from you, like talking about sex or digging up to her past relationships with guys who weren’t nice to her - don't go there. We all have pasts, but the past isn't where we're currently living! Ask about our dreams, goals and life ambitions!

12. Become a listener
Both women and men like sharing their mind and they like when potential dates are interested in hearing more. That’s why you should favour your new interest and let them talk. Of course, you need to react to their words naturally, if you feel yourself replying for the sake of it, then maybe this isn't the one for you.

13. The final word should be yours
Leave a kind of cliffhanger when you’re about to wrap the chat up for the day. Choose an exciting piece of information to tell them so they'll be waiting for the next session to talk it over. Simply ending the chat without saying anything, or a simple goodbye isn't going to show your new interest that you're happy to talk with them again.

14. Get to know them
Prior to taking your interaction to another level, I recommend you two testing your possible compatibility out. Find out what he/she likes and dislikes before you actually meet them in person, they say opposites attract, but to what extent? 

15. Just ask them on a date!
When the rapport is built, she will more than likely expect you to take the next step. Don’t hesitate to get her phone number and arrange a date to check if there’s really the connection between the two of you. Also be gentle with any knock backs you need to make, be honest but kind and NEVER do the its not you, it's me thing!



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