Thursday 9 February 2017

How To Stay Fit and Healthy With Real Recommendations!

Who doesn’t want to be in a good shape? Yes, the question is rather ridiculous, because the answer is obvious: every person dreams of an at least slim figure and healthy body. However, a lot of people complain about the difficulties they come across during their failed attempts to lead a healthy way of life. Some of them simply don’t have enough time, others whine about too strenuous exercises; there's also such individuals who expect their muscles to grow in a week or so. In fact, staying fit is not about exhausting training or hunger, it’s about motivation and persistence. For that purpose, experts have come up with a few easy tips which can help you stay healthy and fit without obsessing over it.

Get Rid of Bad Habits

There is no denying that most of us have at least one bad habit. Some of them are simply irksome, while other- such as drinking alcohol and smoking – can trigger serious health risks. Following the logical chain, it becomes clear that in order to lead a healthy lifestyle you need to break those habits. Surely, the thing might sound easier than done. However, it is only you who needs to make a conscious decision. Try to write down a simple list of pro/cons what your habit gives you. Accordingly, if there are more disadvantages, pull yourself together and get rid of the nasty habit.

Balance Your Diet
First of all, you need to know that your daily menu should include healthy food rich in vitamins, fats, and proteins. They are essential for the body to grow and repair itself, especially after sports activities. Vegetables, fruits, lean meat, nuts fish and milk products are all good sources of those nutrients. As a general rule, try to cut on the amount of sugar and salt, which are known to increase your risk of obesity and tooth decay. Don’t hesitate to say ‘No’ to prepackaged meals and nonperishable food items. To start with- put away all the tempting yummies and stock your fridge with new healthy foods. You could also look up some new recipes, adding them to your daily menu list.

Eat More Than 3 times a Day.
There is a common misconception that a person needs to have 3 meals which are scheduled around the typical 9-to-5 workday. The reason is simple: most people find it difficult to go long stretches between those meals. As a result, when getting hungry in-between, you either grab some junk food or wait until the next meal, which can lead to unintentional overeating. What can help you feel satisfied and hunger-wise is consuming smaller meals every three or five hours. Spreading out calories throughout the day is the best way to get enough energy as well as regulate your appetite. Get started by preparing light snacks in advance. Some of the ideas may include pre-portioned almonds, raisins, natural yogurt or popcorn. Whole fruit will be also a great choice. Don’t forget that your last meal should be no later than 2 hours before bed.

Fit Exercises Into Your Daily Activities
Sometimes it can be really difficult to find enough time for the total body workout. That is why it will be great if you manage to fit some efficient exercises into your daily schedule. Make it easier by spreading them throughout the day, spending few minutes on each one. Following this strategy, you can fit from 30 to 60 minutes of exercise into your daily routine. Try doing squats while cooking dinner, or crunches between commercial breaks. Don’t forget about walking. That’s what basically each real Russian girl does in order to stay fit. So next time you see an elevator and the stairs- opt for the latter.

Finally, you need to remember that getting into shape does not involve sudden changes. Be patient, take a small step at a time and the result is soon to follow.


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