The Thing's I've Learned This Week!

by Jada, May 09, 2014
Due to Spud having time off school to recover from operation number four, I've had a lot of spare time on my hands, and I've learned quite a lot. They say we learn something new everyday, in which we probably do, but due to my days being so busy, I don't think I have the time to think about it. Having this free and extra time has let me think about the thing's I have learned this week in greater detail.

Cooking The Perfect Lamb Chops!

Lamb is my favourite meat, but unfortunately one that seems to shrink lots too, purchasing some plain lamb chops instead of the preferred minted ones me and Spud like because they was out of stock led me to marinating my own chops this week. Using just Colman's classic mint sauce, I was determined me and Spud would have the minted lamb chops we favour, I usually would just marinate meat on a plate, or in a large cookware dish, however I decided to marinate the lamb chops in a cooking bag, and left the bag in the fridge. I then proceeded to cook the lamb in the bag - I love these cooking bags, and we had not only the most beautiful-est lamb chops, but also the perfect juice to make the gravy with!

If You've Worked and Paid Taxes - Expect No Help!

My cousin, who's like a sister to me, and also a best friend, is currently homeless with her 20 week old baby girl. Having worked full since she left school at the age of 16 and who is now currently on maternity leave, we was shocked at the local council's little help they have offered. After a series of phonecalls and visit's, they seem to be pulling their fingers out a little more now! Fingers crossed ay! It's dis-heartening when someone who has paid so much into the country's system, is failed by that same system with a young baby in tow too!

Stand Up To What You Believe In!

After all the commotion with my cousin and her young baby, it got me thinking of how unfair life seems to be sometimes. Way too often I have let things slip by without saying anything, however, due to a personal problem that has been taking up too much of my time I am pleased to know more about professional negligence claims against solicitors thanks to Redress Law. I have now took this issue further and will hopefully have some good news from it all at the end!

I'm A Cold Hearted Person!!!

If you didn't read my post the other day titled ''I'm Sorry You Called Me What!?'' you can read that here, I am still utterly shocked I was called a cold person. I think I am one of the most kindest and emotional people you would ever come across! I wear my heart on my sleeve, well at least I use too! This was a real eye opener for me, and a issue I am still addressing!

Get Fitter Not Fatter

Being at my all time biggest size and weight, I decided enough was enough - finally and ditched all the goodies that I liked in the house! It actually wasn't that hard, it was just like throwing all of those unwanted leaflets away that the postman very kindly post through your door! I have lot's of exciting reviews coming up to help anyone who is on a get fit mission like me!

I Love The Blogging Community Spirit!

A storm kicked off in the blogging community this week when a well known and popular parenting network published an article from a writer attacking a Bento loving parent blogger. I love Bento, and in fact, once all my bits and pieces have arrived, I will be doing a small feature right here on Unique Young Mum. The article caused a storm all over, with supporting bloggers from afar agreeing the article was uncalled for and was bullying! Luckily the website in question removed the article and quickly apologised!

Sleeping Beauty's FINALLY Out Of The Vault!

Disney have finally re-released classic number 16, Sleeping Beauty from their much dreaded vault! Not many people know about the vault, but as a huge Disney fan, I only know too well the pain it causes when Disney lock up DVD's for a number of year's and don't release them again! We have been waiting to tick Sleeping Beauty off of our list for some time now, so this is great news for me and Spud!

What have you learned this week? Has anything opened your eyes or have you seen something exciting?

Until next time,
Jada x
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