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Haven - Weymouth Bay Review.

Back in March, dreading the events that would soon be occurring and becoming a right stressful mess, I decided that me and Spud needed a break from everyday life, and the worry that was upon us. There was no doubt in my mind where we was going, we was going to a place Spud had already visited a few times, and a place I fall in love with every time I go there - Weymouth.

Ever since I can remember, my family have holidayed at various Haven parks around the UK, I think we have near enough visited almost every single one of them, Haven is the only company we will holiday with here in the UK, there is no competition, no other holiday place will compete or live up to the holidays we've had and continue to have.

Knowing I don't drive, and knowing Weymouth like my second town and it luckily being only a few hours down the road from Reading, I booked a Friday to Monday stay, booked me and Spud a open return train ticket and started to pack our bags. It was to be the first time I had been away with Spud alone, but knowing I'd be at a Haven site made my mind feel at ease, thanks to their excellent security service and the security of the caravans we stay in.

Haven have four parks in Dorset alone, with three of them being in Weymouth - Seaview, Little Sea and Weymouth Bay. I went with Weymouth Bay as I knew we could use their sister site Seaview by visiting their entertainment complex and swimming pool by a shortcut through the parks.

I woke Spud up early on the Friday morning, and told him we was going on a surprise adventure! I made his breakfast, and whilst he ate, I quickly went over my list to double and triple check I had everything packed! Once I got Spud washed and dressed, I opened our big cupboard door and showed him our suitcases packed and ready to go, and told him a taxi was on its way to take us to the train station!

Spud waiting for the train.
It was only when we arrived at Weymouth that I told Spud where we was going for the weekend, I think the whole train including every carriage heard his squeals of excitement as we departed at Weymouth train station, only a few miles away from the holiday park. We was able to get a taxi right outside the train station which was super handy!

Arriving at Weymouth Bay.

We was booked in for one of Haven's most luxurious caravans - a Retreat caravan, it was by far the best caravan I had stayed in, and one I'd love to stay in again! We was able to check in from 2pm, but because I was so excited, I wanted to make the day of it, that wasn't no problem though as the staff let me leave my luggage in the entertainment complex whilst we went off to explore the park.

As well as a number of outdoor play area's for the children, one being right on the doorstep of the entertainment complex, there is also a small soft play area inside the complex.

I sat back and watched Spud play in the park from the balcony, with a very clear view of what he was upto! The park was very secure with high fences surrounding it, so I didn't have to worry about stranger or road danger!

Once we checked in and picked up our keys, I was given a map showing where everything was in the park along with the launderette and various shops! There was also important numbers if we should need to call for any problem, and an entertainment planner! We was very lucky as was able to have our luggage driven down to our caravan for us, whilst we walked beside the man driving a cart with our luggage, something I'd not thought about as I've always been with family members who drive on prior visits!


Our home for the weekend was absolutely beautiful, the colours from the outside gave away how beautiful and prestige it was going to be inside, and I couldn't be wrong! One of my favourite parts of the caravan was the decking balcony with a small bistro style table and two matching chairs.

The caravan was beautiful from both the outside and on the inside. We had a open plan kitchen and living area, the living area contained a three suit and two suit sofa which was very comfortable and decorated with cushions that matched the living area curtains. There was a television with built in freeview and dvd player, a dining table and four chairs, a coffee table and an electric heater.

The kitchen contained a sink, absolutly loads of cupboard space complete with your every day kitchen needs and utensils, a built in full size fridge freezer, a cooker and a microwave.

We had a two bedroom caravan, one room contained two single beds, with a joint bedside cabinet, plug sockets, overhead storage and a single wardrobe with coat hangers to place clothes.

The single beds was handy to slide our suitcases under, just to keep them out of the way until we needed to pack to go home!

The master bedroom contained a double bed which was one of the most comfortablest caravan beds I've stayed in, I had to have Spud in with me due to his medical conditions and we both slept soundly every night! We had a thick pillow each and a bedside cabinet each along with a bedside cabinet either side and overhead storage.

As well as the overhead storage in the previous image, the Master bedroom had a built in wardrobe set with drawers underneath and two full length mirrors on the outside interior, it also had a little side cabinet with extra bedding in as well as a little dressing table unit complete with a mirror and plug sockets so I could straighten my hair!

The master bedroom also had a ensuite toilet with a cabinet and sink which Spud loved as he took it in turns to use the main toilet and the one in our bedroom for the weekend!
The main bathroom contained a power shower, a sink, a double cabinet with mirror and a toilet. Overall the whole caravan was extremely clean and tidy, I couldn't find one bit of dust or dirt even if I tried!

On Site Fun.

The Haven entertainment for the whole family plays a big part as to why my family have been holidaying with Haven since before I was born. Every day and night there is various adventures for children of all ages to take part in including the teens! From booking character breakfasts to joining the kids clubs, checking out the in site parks and adventure playground, and booking in sport activities there is just so much to do!

Weymouth Bay have two swimming pools, one being outside and one inside with a little water walkway that is known as the 'river', unfortunately I couldn't get a photo of any of the pools as I was too scared of my clumsy hands to take my camera near water! 

The fun doesn't end in the day either, the entertainment carries on from the evening through to the night! With family bingo and the children's character shows, there is something for the whole family to get involved in, including lots of laughing, dancing and singing!

Children (and even adults if you'd like too!) can have their photo taken with at least one character every day! The Haven characters are Roary the Tiger, Bradley Bear, Polly the Dolly, Greedy the Gorilla, Naughty Ned and Anxious the Elephant! Children won't be left disappointed once the characters go home to bed though as the Haven Fun Stars are there to dance the night away!

Playing all your cheesy and old party songs, the gang was sure to get the crowd involved as much as they possibly can! There was a little change to the entertainment this time, and that was the Fun Stars being divided into two teams, as was all holiday makers depending on your age being an even or odd number! There is team yellow and team blue, each with their own slogan and very special song!

Each night, small guest are invited onto the stage to take part in a game either by themselves or with an adult, guess who got picked two out of the three nights we was there!? Only my Spud, who ran over to me pleading with me to go up on stage with him, how could I resist!

There is a bar in the entertainment complex, along with a gift shop, Papa Johns, the photo shop where you buy character photo's from, a restaurant, an arcade and play area and lots more! Security is present throughout the premises keeping whatever trouble may arise at bay!

Eating on site.

Eating on site was a relatively easy thing to do, along with having a full sized fridge freezer, microwave and cooker back at the caravan, there is a Papa Johns mini shop in the main complex, however if you don't want to wait for the pizza to be cooked, you can order at the stand, or call up and have it delivered to your caravan - what a result!

There is also a restaurant on site selling a wide variety of food for all stages and ages! We personally didn't eat in the restaurant this time due to Spud's op approaching he was on a stricter health diet from his healthcare team.

If you do need something essential, like milk or tea bags, there is a on site shop selling everything from newspapers to fresh bakery products, alcohol, cigarettes, tinned food, chilled food, cupboard snacks, frozen food and 

The main entertainment bar also sell some snacks, such as a variety of nuts and crisp.

Out and about in Weymouth.

With a bus stop right outside the entrance to the park, getting into Weymouth and the sea front was so easy! Weymouth has one of the most beautiful beaches I've seen in the UK, and has so much for children to do including donkey rides, old fashion beach entertainment and lots more! You're spoilt for choice for fish and chips and will face a tough decision on deciding where to buy them from!

There are two big supermarkets Morrisons and Asda a few miles away from the park, and smaller shops just inside the town such as Iceland and a Tesco.

There are so many shops for you to shop in, do bring lots of spending money as you're bound to find something you need to have in your life, just like I did!

There is also a harbour to walk around and boat rides to be had!

Weymouth Attractions.

As well as lots to do in the town centre area, there are local attractions such as a Sea Life Centre and the Weymouth Sea Life Tower. I purchased my tickets on site at Haven because if you book through them you get discount.

There is lots to do at the Sea Life centre, including getting to hold crabs like I so bravely did! Spud loved the Lego shark and seeing all the different fish, mammals and sharks!

Not far away from the Haven Seaview site is a place called Bowleaze Cove, we walked through Weymouth Bay, then through Seaview and then through another caravan site to reach there and Spud had a fantastic afternoon at the fair that's housed there! The fair holds a massive indoor play centre, go karts, trampolines, various fun fair rides including a fun house and helta skelta and a large amusement park!

Portland is just on the outskirts of Weymouth that host a light house that you can go all the way to the top in for a small entrance fee and other various places just on the outskirts including Monkey World.

Overall Thoughts.

Both me and Spud had a fabulous time at Haven Weymouth Bay, there wasn't a single fault and it was one of my favourite breaks away to date!

Sadly my Nanny (Spud's Great Grandmother) passed away on the 20th April and Weymouth was one of her favourite places. We've made plans as a family to go back in May next year to scatter roses we've kept from my nans funeral to scatter into Weymouth sea. My nanny wanted her ashes and my grandads ashes to be scattered off the cliffs, so for now, its just the dried roses.

I can't wait to book in with Haven again, because every single time has been an enjoyable experience that only gets better every time!

Which ever Haven park I visit next, I'll be sure to review too!

To find out more about Haven, including the view of all their parks around the UK, check out the official website here.

Until next time,
Jada x


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