Saying Goodbye & Hello Again!

by Jada, May 01, 2014
I'm sorry I've been quiet for not a little, but a rather long time. Sometimes life takes us on journeys we do not expect, sometimes to say it bluntly, life throws rubbish at us.

I'd like this post to say I'm jumping right back into blogging, but for now, I'm going to take it slowly. I have some pretty amazing products to show off to you all, some of these products have been here for months, I owe a massive apology to more than a few companies.

I'm going to start off by sharing some reviews with you all, and a few personal post. A lot has happened in our lives recently, including the death of my grandmother - Spud's great grandmother. 

A few day's ago on the 29th of April, Spud had his fourth operation, I will write about that more soon, for now I'm concentrating on his recovery, and using the free time I have sorting this blog out majorly!

My grand mother went into hospital at the end of November, for something that none of us would of ever thought would eventually take her life. Okay well that didn't take her life, but she went into hospital and she never come back out. My nan fought for so long and right till the near end would strive to look her best, always with pride and dignity you would find my nanny with her hair done and make up fixed - my beautiful nanny.

During the Easter half term, my sister Paula and I had planned to go and see our mum and little sister four hours away in Cornwall, we went to see our nanny at the hospital the day before we went, and that was the last time we had a conversation with her, the last time we see her conscious and awake. Just the very next day my nanny deteriorated very quickly, six days into our trip to mums, my sister and I decided we would come back early, to say goodbye to our nanny.

However my nanny the strong fighter she was, although she was ready to go held on for a little while longer, so every day, we went to go and see her, with our mornings being the same. We awoke each day, dreading to find a text or missed call from our father, we was lucky to not have that. On Easter Sunday, we had a family gathering arranged as usual, the only time of the year, apart from Christmas when we prefer turkey, and have three course meals, the kids do a Easter egg hunt and we spend precious time with each other as a family.

Spud's Easter haul!
I stayed up till 4am in the early hours of Easter Sunday, writing out clue cards and hiding treats for Spud's Easter hunt at home. We was on clue card number seven when my phone rang, knowing my dad was staying at the hospital with my nanny every night, and the precise time my phone was ringing, I knew what I was about to hear. I asked Spud to hold on a minute, and answered the phone. My nanny died that morning, Easter Sunday.

Dinner was cancelled out of respect, and we rallied around one another for comfort and support. My amazingly strong father, rescheduled our annually Easter gathering for just the next day - Monday 21st. 

We popped champagne and toasted to my nanny's wonderful life, the memories of our nanny that we cherish and her beautiful face. The kids let off star shaped helium balloons and we shared joyous memories of the woman who kept the Lewendons talking.

We bury our nanny in a few weeks, I know it will hit us all, a lot harder on that day. My nanny's sending me signs to get back to work, and because life is way to short, here's my first post of many!

Five of the six children, waving and shouting goodbye to their great nanny in heaven!
Thank you to all my loyal readers and followers, for not un-subscribing because I've been AWOL, for not unfollowing because I've not been present. Thank you!

To everyone - please bare with me, I'm slowly coming back!
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