Thursday 21 March 2019

Building Your Own DIY Summer House - On A Budget!

In early September 2018, whilst enjoying the last of the warm evenings in the garden with a few friends, I said how I'd love to have a bar for us to all sit at, for next summer's child free evenings. I said it not in a jokey way, but not in a too serious way either, hey... I'd love to win the lottery and have a smaller stomach, and I have a lot of places I'd love to visit, but just because things get said - it doesn't mean they happen, does it?

There's still a lot more to do, but its getting there!
Only the thought didn't leave my head, and when I'd climb into bed after a busy day, I'd usually catch up on the day's news affairs, but instead, I found myself searching Pinterest, DIY groups on Facebook and Google for DIY bar ideas - on a budget. Before I knew it, I had wood at the bottom of my garden and a vision in my head. My older brother Paul had built his own bar, and it looked amazing, it was on a decking area with worktops, a fridge and shelves - it was simple, yet perfect, and that's what I wanted, but did I get what I wanted? Oh no, I got something different...

I couldn't of imagined that what sits at the bottom of my garden now all started from the 'dream' I had, I don't just have a bar, I have a bar within a summer house (family name for it!), aka the man cave (the Mr's name for it) aka the woman cave (my name for it!) aka the dog house (the dog's name for it!) aka a cinema room (Spud's name for it!), and it's all been done on a budget!

I have spent hour after hour trawling free sites and free Facebook groups for anything that could come in handy, and I've spent a good amount of hours collecting the items. I've been lucky to get lots of wooden pallets for free, two bar stools for free, and 6 cot/cotbed mattresses for free off of these sites. With thanks to family and friends, I've also had free insulation, a heater, a fire extinguisher, the window and door, protective sheeting, laminate flooring (not enough for the floor but come in useful regardless) and a sign given to me by my lovely neighbours. We're also really lucky that I have a great family and a few good friends who've been able to help put in hours of labour and knowledge.

Oh and my car - it may be a tiny little car but my gosh it does wonders, from collecting a car load full of pallets, to two huge stools, its done me proud!

Of course I've had to spend money, and actually thinking about it, quite a bit too - but I've been able to do it gradually. I couldn't afford £1000-£2000 in one hit for a already made summerhouse, so we've had to be creative, use our imaginations, ask and receive help (labouring, tips and ideas), and we've somehow got to the stage of very nearly being ready, there's a few big jobs left to do - then its the smaller jobs like decorating and accessorising, filling the bar with glasses, cushions for the sofa etc. 

Everyone keeps saying to me surely it would've been easier/less stressful to buy one already made that just needed to be put together. Of course it would've, but it could've costs more, and also - at least with the design I have, no one else in the world has our design - as its been put together, with no real plan, just taking it day by day with everyone's ideas mixed together!

I'll be updating the blog in no time (hopefully) with the finishing product! Keep an eye out to see the final finish, and also for posts detailing how we've done what we've done, with frugal ways to do it too of course!

Until next time,
Jada x


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