I think I can vouch for all mums when I say that we try our best to not let our exterior show our true state of being. From using makeup to cover up those dark circles under the eyes to using facial scrubs or organic tea tree oil washes to get rid of pimples brought on by stress, we try every beauty secret to look as youthful as we can. Be that as it may, I’ve found that there are times when you simply don’t have the time to care for yourself as you’d like.

Between making sure that the kids are taken care of to tending to the needs of your spouse, by the time you can focus on yourself you’re either too tired or just not in the mood. While time management may remain an issue for mums across the world, there are some quick beauty secrets you can try that will keep your skin looking as flawless as it did when you were in college or university.

When it comes to caring for the skin you need something short, sweet, and to the point. I was once guilty of investing in too many skincare products, and ultimately I didn’t even use half of the items I bought. To conserve time, you should try looking for skincare products that serve a dual purpose. For instance, a facial cream that also has SPF 30 prevents the need to moisturise your face and put on sunscreen.

Skin Imperfections:
Got skin imperfections that make getting prepped each day a bit more trying? For me, it was dealing with a mole located near my lip. It had grown a bit (though not cancerous) and covering it up would take some time. What I found is that purchasing a simple over the counter mole remover could shrink the size and appearance of the mole, which left me more time to get ready in the morning.

Hair is another annoyance that can consume a lot of time in the morning, but wearing a baseball cap to work is probably not permitted. Finding cute hair accessories or quick hairdo guides can help cut the time in half. I found that watching YouTube tutorials was a great way to learn how to tease and prep my hair in different ways that made it look like I went to a salon or spent hours on my own hair. Ponytail holders and headbands are also great tools to have on hand as you can always throw your hair in a bun or comb it straight back and head out the door.

The older I get, the more I’m finding that “less is more” when it comes to makeup. Instead of having to apply several layers of concealer and foundation along with varying shades of eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick, I realised that keeping it simple can look just as good as going all out. Wash your face as you normally would, invest in a great brand of tinted moisturiser, apply a tinted lip balm and maybe a bit of eye shadow, along with blush and you’re good to go.

I remember when I could spend hours changing in and out of clothes to see what I wanted to wear for the day. However, when you’ve got kids and you’re running a tight ship, you don’t have time to play dress-up. The best way to make sure that you match every day when you leave the house is to plan ahead. On the weekends if you have some down time, try on different outfits, iron them, and place them in your closet on hangers. This way, when you wake up the next day you’re good to go.

Being a “supermum” certainly comes with its challenges. However, it is important for you to take some time to care for yourself so that you feel great every time you step out the door. These quick beauty tips are sure to come in handy each morning as you begin your day. They allow you to look your best while still focusing on what matters to you the most – your family.

Until next time,
Jada x
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